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I hate everyone who hurts you.

I hate everyone who hurts you.
A Sweet Little Love Conversation of a Teenager Boy and Girl.

Girl: Hey babe
Boy: Go To Hell :\
Girl: What's wrong with you?
Boy:.. i.. cheated on you..
Girl: WHAT!?
Boy: You are Ugly Like a pig.
-Girl starts crying-
Boy: See this picture of yours.
- It was her childhood picture in which she was looking very ugly-
Girl: How did you get this ?
Boy: I came to know that your friends have stolen this picture from you and they tease you daily.
Girl: Yes, I used to cry every day and today you also made me cry.
Boy: I have stolen this picture from them and i have also hit them badly now they will never tease you.
Girl: Thanks a Lot.. But why did you say you cheated on me :'(
Boy: Sorry, I was just kidding, This is the last time you have cried.. i will never let you cry again.
Girl: I Love You.
Boy: I Love you too and i hate everyone who hurts you :)

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