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Congress Party behind Hyderabad Bomb Blast, February 21

Let's Not Ignore Possibilities of Congress Party behind Hyderabad Bomb Blast, February 21

You must have heard politics is ugly and politicians are even worst and after reading this article you will realize that these political parties can kill its own countrymen to win this political game. Have you ever thought why this blast took place on 21st February.. It’s not just a co-incidence, if you follow news channels and if you can relate you will find very much possibilities of Ruling party Congress behind this Blast.

Congress was slowly losing the political battle as on 19th February BJP protested against Shinde's Statement and also on 20 and 21st February Bharat Bandh was called by trade unions of India against policies of Govt (Congress) Against Price rise, Against Implementation of labor laws, Against black money stashed in foreign countries and many other reasons. All the News channels were 24 hours talking about the success of bandh and against Ruling party Congress.

Opposition was silently celebrating its political success as they were sure that after success of this Bharat Bandh media will continue to speak against govt and its policies because of which this country is suffering. Opposition was happy as now media was strong weapon against congress in this game of politics.

But then Hyderabad blast took place in the evening of last day of Bharat Bandh and as a result the entire news channel forgot about the Bharat bandh and started talking about Hyderabad blast Immediately Our Prime minister (Congress party) has twitted that people behind Hyderabad blast will be found out and punished. Next morning Home Minister Shinde (Congress Party) visited the blast site and thus has also not missed the opportunity to be covered by media.

Who is behind HYDERABAD BLAST ?
Congress wanted to win this political game as they were sure that media is going to attack them day and night and speak against them all day on 22nd and days to come after the success of Bharat Bandh in most parts of India thus they thought of diverting media and thus this blast was planned.

Why Hyderabad ?
If you listen to news you will find after hanging Mohammad Afzal Guru to death there were rumors that Hyderabad may become the next target for terrorist attack, Also Irfan who was arrested after Pune blast has confessed in past that he was asked to target Hyderabad too. Thus Congress was sure if this blast is done in Hyderabad media will have enough stories to talk about. (And now if you turn on your news channel you will realize they were correct.)

If you listen to the news you will also find no terrorist organization has been discovered yet behind this blast and till now investigation cell also don’t have hint about the people or organization behind this blast. Now Media is no longer discussing Bharat Bandh which was called against Poor Government Policies. Media is no longer talking about Shinde's statement.. No more News about Corruption.. Now if we tune in our News channel All we can listen now is Terrorism and Hyderabad Blast . This is called DIRTY POLITICS.

Friends i am not from any political party i am just a poet and An INDIAN. I have got Strong intuitions that Congress is behind this blast thus i have written and published this article on this blog and now its your task to spread it.  I am sure no one will suspect the possibilities that hands of ruling party may be behind this Hyderabad blast. Media and Investigation cell will start investigation in this direction only if you share this Article as much as possible.  Let's Not Ignore Possibilities of Congress Party behind Hyderabad Bomb Blast, February 21Truth Must Come out and that will happen only if you don't ignore sharing this article with your friends and fellow Indians. 

Satyamev Jayate !! Jai Bharat ! Jai Hind !