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Happy Birthday Ali ♥

Birthday is always special and it becomes a memorable one when you get a gift that you have never expected to get :) This poem is written by Monil Modi for her friend Alisha On the occasion of her Birthday  I am sure she will like this Special birthday gift and everyone of you too will be able to relate with this Heart touching Poem ! - Nishant Gunjan

Happy Birthday Ali

The clock is ticking 12 in the night,
Tring Tring the phone bell rings 'cos you are outta sight
It’s your birthday my dearest
and I wish we could be the nearest
to celebrate it to the fullest.

I wish your life be as colorful as those of the birthday balloons
I wish you keep smiling like those lit candles in dark rooms
I wish I could sing you many Happy Birthday tunes!!!

As you eat the cake of hopes and wishes,
With the icing of love and kisses

Dance in the rain of smiles and laughter
Let it be a new life and a new chapter

Wear your dress which is brand new
Happy birthday to you !!!! :)

Poem Written By Monil Modi