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Time Will Never Heal My Broken Heart

This poem is sent to us by one of the fans of Stolen Moments from United States, Even she has experienced love and lost it, it's 10 years now but still she is not able to move away from his thoughts. Sometimes there is just too much that time cannot erase and there are some memories that continues to linger on and they don't ever leave.

 ~ Nishant Gunjan & Monil Modi

Time Will Never Heal My Broken Heart

I wish that time could heal this heart
But still it keeps on breaking
I've tried so hard to let you go
But too much time it's taking

It's gotten a lot easier
with these feelings I can deal
But from time to time I see your face
and I'm reminded it's still real

You walked away and turned your back
After a promise I held true
You said you loved me, I was the one
So why am I missing you?

I will never begin to understand
Where things they all went wrong
And why I still feel this way
After oh so long.

So for now I must end this
but you really need to know
that after all these years have past
I will always love you so.

Poem Written By
Melissa (Anonymous)

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