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Loving you from afar

LOVE HURTS and this poem portrays it the best. The most hurting feeling in Love is when you see your Love crossing the same way as your's with someone else and all you can do is to love him from afar. The feelings of being with him crushes and you end up being into pieces but that every piece of your heart cries that it could be me because i still love you ♥♥ The poem has been sent by a poet who doesn't want to disclose his/her name but read the poem and you can feel the pain of a broken heart   -
- Monil Modi

Loving You From Afar

I see you walk beside me,
hand in hand with the girl you just met

a sudden rush of mixed emotions
run down my body
i smile, letting you know i am fine
my feelings; however, are different behind the smile

You seem happy and hope she's treating you good
for loving you from afar is all i can do
nothing much i can do, except to think
that could have been me, baby
that could have been me next to you
if things hadn't gone wrong with us

But now, i remind myself
we were not meant to be, in the first place
time passed swiftly
i thought to myself
my feelings towards you must have passed, too
but when we came across one another, yet again
it was clear
i was still, i was still
loving you from afar......

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