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Love That Made Him Dead :'(

This was a poem sent to us by Aksham Mohamed from Maldives who once fell in love and had never thought it would end up so soon. His love found someone else leaving him with tears and reasons. His love said you lie, you make me cry, you don't care and many times when I need you, you are not there. For every reason he punishes himself with a silent death for all the mistakes that he was accused of. So here we are sharing this heart touching story which ended up with tears.- Monil Modi

Love that made him dead :'(

You walked away without saying a word,
You neither saw nor heard
The love I tried to prove
The way my life, around you moved.
I don't know how long I cried
And wished that I had died.

And how my heart cried for you,
And how you ignored my love so true.
So, again I stand all alone,
With a heart that you disowned,

Every single day and night
And every silent moment of my life,
Whenever I think of you
I realize life was all blue
I am still waiting for you,
Because my existence has no clue!!

Please God, Please Send back My Love...
...Just make me meet my love once before I die.

It was exam of my one sided love,
In which I failed miserably
Never cried so much as i am crying today,
Now i hate my life unconditionally

You came into my life
As quickly as you left.
I grabbed a cutting knife
And sliced right through my Chest....

I Love You MaUreen.. Please Come Back To Me.. :'(

Poem Written By: Aksham Mohamed

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