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I Wish To Own Your Heart In My Next Birth

Stolen Moments have captured so many broken, healing and love filled hearts of people. Here comes another poem by Rupali Grover who's waiting for the one who had gone really far away but destiny gets him back in front of her eyes and in fraction of seconds all the past memories are relived. Though she knows they can't be together in this life but she prays to make him mine in next birth.. May good lord brings the best love for both of them in next life :):) go ahead and read Rupali's love filled poem.. ~ Monil Modi

Today I saw him after a long time,
He still looks the same
With another girl holding his hand,
And whispering his name
For a while I went in flashback
To the memories in my heart
That was hidden in a corner
Hidden, to make a new start

He seemed to be cheerful
By that bright smile on his face
May be she was so good
That she took over my place
Then I thought who cares?
He is not mine
It’s his own entire wish
It’s good, I mean its fine

Why it didn't work with us
I had no strong reason
May be weren't meant to be together
That was luck's decision
I saw that girl holding his hand
Which, once I used to hold
She stood wearing his coat, which he used to give me
To protect me from cold

What was happening to me?
Am I jealous of her?
I think, yes I was,
As I remembered how much happy we were
I had tried to move on
But it didn't seem possible for me
Why our relationship ended
It wasn't meant to be

Then that question came in my mind
Did he cherish the memories of our past?
When we had decided to be together
Till we breathe our last
I guess he didn't
Because he has gone far away
And I am here from where we separated
At that unlucky time of May

So I still pray for his well being
because he is the nicest guy on the Earth
Although we can't be together in this life
I hope to get him in my next birth..

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