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I Am Proud Daughter Of Best Father

Every daughter is a darling angel of their Daddy and every Dad is the first love of their Daughter. We received one such lovely poem from Snigdha Singh which is the perfect tribute to every Dad from their Daughters. Dad's are the best gift a daughter can ask for. After reading this poem I felt like telling my dad every day how much I love him. So go ahead and read it and don't forget to make every day special for your parents. – Monil Modi


A life came into existence;
Bounded in your stare's fence;
Embedded trepidation, to be a dad;
Yet no denial on being glad :)

You brought me up with a tender touch;
When i was to trudge on the wrong path, DAD YOU held a clutch :)
When your brows are up and your eyes give stare;
Fear overpowers! This is very rare :)

My GOD disguised DAD, in your form;
I promise you, I’ll always abide by your norm!
As your PRINCESS i wear a CROWN :)
Salute you! For you never let me frown :):)

When i was in the blue;
You opened the door and showed me the view;
And when mom scolds and you embrace,
Dad i love the feel when in your chest, i hide my face

I've shared with you, tidily to jumbo secrets,
This is something I’m confident, I’d never regret;
You graced me with your virtue;
Eyes shut thought of my MAKER and there is your STATUE.

You toiled day and night to frame my description;
Hope I’ve come up to your expectation;
Forgive me for my weakness, but i can’t deny,
O dad when I’m with you i reach the sky!

My dream to see your head held high,
Your words for me filled with pride,
In the sea of pain, your boat may never ride,
In the mist of darkness, may you never glide!!
Dad I love you and will continue loving you all my life

Poem Written By Snigdha Singh
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