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I Wish To Own Your Heart In My Next Birth

Stolen Moments have captured so many broken, healing and love filled hearts of people. Here comes another poem by Rupali Grover who's waiting for the one who had gone really far away but destiny gets him back in front of her eyes and in fraction of seconds all the past memories are relived. Though she knows they can't be together in this life but she prays to make him mine in next birth.. May good lord brings the best love for both of them in next life :):) go ahead and read Rupali's love filled poem.. ~ Monil Modi

Today I saw him after a long time,
He still looks the same
With another girl holding his hand,
And whispering his name
For a while I went in flashback
To the memories in my heart
That was hidden in a corner
Hidden, to make a new start

He seemed to be cheerful
By that bright smile on his face
May be she was so good
That she took over my place
Then I thought who cares?
He is not mine
It’s his own entire wish
It’s good, I mean its fine

Why it didn't work with us
I had no strong reason
May be weren't meant to be together
That was luck's decision
I saw that girl holding his hand
Which, once I used to hold
She stood wearing his coat, which he used to give me
To protect me from cold

What was happening to me?
Am I jealous of her?
I think, yes I was,
As I remembered how much happy we were
I had tried to move on
But it didn't seem possible for me
Why our relationship ended
It wasn't meant to be

Then that question came in my mind
Did he cherish the memories of our past?
When we had decided to be together
Till we breathe our last
I guess he didn't
Because he has gone far away
And I am here from where we separated
At that unlucky time of May

So I still pray for his well being
because he is the nicest guy on the Earth
Although we can't be together in this life
I hope to get him in my next birth..

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It’s a world of you and me....

Love is beautiful, love is crazy, love is sweet, love is fantasy!!!! So here is a very sweet poem which almost speaks every lover's heart out of being in a world of their very own. The poem has been sent to us by Megha Tyagi. I felt the world described here was just out of a poet's imagination. Do read and share a world every lover dreams of. ~ Monil Modi

It’s a world of you and me….

If I ask you to come with me,
Leaving all pleasures behind,
Walk with me on a road unseen
Will you be at my side??

We would cross the oceans,
Cross the clouds,
Flee to a completely new land...
Where no one would come between us
We would be together hand in hand...

A place as beautiful as heaven itself
A place full of love...
A place where u and me would stay
As peaceful as the dove…

Our land, our sky, our ocean and seas
Everything would be our own,
I would be your beloved queen...
And you would sit on the throne…

When at night the cool breeze
Would whisper silently in our ears...
I would feel your warm embrace
And forget all my fears…

At the beach on a moonlit night
Lying down on the sand,
I want to count the stars with you
In my fantasy land...

With the count of each
Your love would increase by the power of ten,
It would make me rich coz no women ever
Would be loved so much by their men…

If u think its over with this
No it isn’t my dear…
There’s much more to explore and feel
Things we only think of here…

It all exists in reality there
We can see and feel it all…
I often silently have visited it
Thinking of you after every  nightfall...

I want to take you there…
Are you ready to flee??
Come and enjoy its wonders
My love, It’s a world of you and me….

Poem Written By Megha Tyagi.

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Loving you from afar

LOVE HURTS and this poem portrays it the best. The most hurting feeling in Love is when you see your Love crossing the same way as your's with someone else and all you can do is to love him from afar. The feelings of being with him crushes and you end up being into pieces but that every piece of your heart cries that it could be me because i still love you ♥♥ The poem has been sent by a poet who doesn't want to disclose his/her name but read the poem and you can feel the pain of a broken heart   -
- Monil Modi

Loving You From Afar

I see you walk beside me,
hand in hand with the girl you just met

a sudden rush of mixed emotions
run down my body
i smile, letting you know i am fine
my feelings; however, are different behind the smile

You seem happy and hope she's treating you good
for loving you from afar is all i can do
nothing much i can do, except to think
that could have been me, baby
that could have been me next to you
if things hadn't gone wrong with us

But now, i remind myself
we were not meant to be, in the first place
time passed swiftly
i thought to myself
my feelings towards you must have passed, too
but when we came across one another, yet again
it was clear
i was still, i was still
loving you from afar......

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I Am Proud Daughter Of Best Father

Every daughter is a darling angel of their Daddy and every Dad is the first love of their Daughter. We received one such lovely poem from Snigdha Singh which is the perfect tribute to every Dad from their Daughters. Dad's are the best gift a daughter can ask for. After reading this poem I felt like telling my dad every day how much I love him. So go ahead and read it and don't forget to make every day special for your parents. – Monil Modi


A life came into existence;
Bounded in your stare's fence;
Embedded trepidation, to be a dad;
Yet no denial on being glad :)

You brought me up with a tender touch;
When i was to trudge on the wrong path, DAD YOU held a clutch :)
When your brows are up and your eyes give stare;
Fear overpowers! This is very rare :)

My GOD disguised DAD, in your form;
I promise you, I’ll always abide by your norm!
As your PRINCESS i wear a CROWN :)
Salute you! For you never let me frown :):)

When i was in the blue;
You opened the door and showed me the view;
And when mom scolds and you embrace,
Dad i love the feel when in your chest, i hide my face

I've shared with you, tidily to jumbo secrets,
This is something I’m confident, I’d never regret;
You graced me with your virtue;
Eyes shut thought of my MAKER and there is your STATUE.

You toiled day and night to frame my description;
Hope I’ve come up to your expectation;
Forgive me for my weakness, but i can’t deny,
O dad when I’m with you i reach the sky!

My dream to see your head held high,
Your words for me filled with pride,
In the sea of pain, your boat may never ride,
In the mist of darkness, may you never glide!!
Dad I love you and will continue loving you all my life

Poem Written By Snigdha Singh
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Love That Made Him Dead :'(

This was a poem sent to us by Aksham Mohamed from Maldives who once fell in love and had never thought it would end up so soon. His love found someone else leaving him with tears and reasons. His love said you lie, you make me cry, you don't care and many times when I need you, you are not there. For every reason he punishes himself with a silent death for all the mistakes that he was accused of. So here we are sharing this heart touching story which ended up with tears.- Monil Modi

Love that made him dead :'(

You walked away without saying a word,
You neither saw nor heard
The love I tried to prove
The way my life, around you moved.
I don't know how long I cried
And wished that I had died.

And how my heart cried for you,
And how you ignored my love so true.
So, again I stand all alone,
With a heart that you disowned,

Every single day and night
And every silent moment of my life,
Whenever I think of you
I realize life was all blue
I am still waiting for you,
Because my existence has no clue!!

Please God, Please Send back My Love...
...Just make me meet my love once before I die.

It was exam of my one sided love,
In which I failed miserably
Never cried so much as i am crying today,
Now i hate my life unconditionally

You came into my life
As quickly as you left.
I grabbed a cutting knife
And sliced right through my Chest....

I Love You MaUreen.. Please Come Back To Me.. :'(

Poem Written By: Aksham Mohamed

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Time Will Never Heal My Broken Heart

This poem is sent to us by one of the fans of Stolen Moments from United States, Even she has experienced love and lost it, it's 10 years now but still she is not able to move away from his thoughts. Sometimes there is just too much that time cannot erase and there are some memories that continues to linger on and they don't ever leave.

 ~ Nishant Gunjan & Monil Modi

Time Will Never Heal My Broken Heart

I wish that time could heal this heart
But still it keeps on breaking
I've tried so hard to let you go
But too much time it's taking

It's gotten a lot easier
with these feelings I can deal
But from time to time I see your face
and I'm reminded it's still real

You walked away and turned your back
After a promise I held true
You said you loved me, I was the one
So why am I missing you?

I will never begin to understand
Where things they all went wrong
And why I still feel this way
After oh so long.

So for now I must end this
but you really need to know
that after all these years have past
I will always love you so.

Poem Written By
Melissa (Anonymous)

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It Was Not A Love At First Sight ♥

Every story is "Not A Love at First Sight story". Love happens with time, for sometimes its the Will of Lovers ruled by Fate. When two of them create memories enough in past to live their present- Love just happens. That Love is deliberate, That Love is slight, Both are in Love but not at the first sight.
Read this poem written and sent to us by Stephanie where she narrates a “not love at first sight” love story. – Monil Modi

Love at first sight
wasn't the case
in this story of hers
they talked and she walked
and didn't look back
just another guy at first.

She wasn't looking
her heart had been hurting
and somehow she fell for his friend
not meant to be
before something started,
it all came to an end.

That boy she talked to
about her troubles
for some reason always was there
as if he could feel
the pain that they caused her
she felt he would always care.

Her friends took notice
of how she acted
Whenever he was around
they said that maybe
this boy just might be
the love she hadn't yet found.

She didn't believe it
she said they were crazy
and she didn't see him that way
but something was changing
and somewhere inside her
she felt something different one day.

The boy who she went to
when she felt lonely
her best friend from the start
his smile warmed her
his words became music
and he won his way to her heart.

Soon they would both leave
going her own way
and he would also go his
but then she knew
that he would be back
one night when he gave her a kiss.

Now they are miles
away from each other
and she makes the same wish each night
that soon when she sees him
he sees the love
that she couldn't see at first sight.

Poem Written By

Stephanie Sepulveda

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