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I promise you, My beloved (A Poem)

The story here in this poem is about the relationship of the girl who desperately love a guy, but the guy, whom she loved, is double minded, his troubled of choosing what`s best for him and what he really wants because of all the things bugging his life, like his peers and other girls, He didn’t know what to choose, from bringing back the love of her girl, or Let his life carried by an undecided decisions. While real girlfriend waits for his last decision because she understands his beloved worries she made him a promise.

"I promise you, My beloved"

To the One I love and miss
To you My Beloved, I wrote this

Thinking of you makes me smile
The feeling, how you love me
I wish that time would stop for a while

Your desperation, I saw
Your love for me, I`d felt
You truly make my heart happy
I know, It’s one of your will

By our Lord`s grace, we continue
I commit to be desperate to you
Yes, I will love you more

Time can fly so fast
You still have your choice
To choose your last

When the time will come
It’s not, I you chose
Yes, I will love you
You’re done, I will let it be

Yes, I love you
Seeing you happy is one of my joys
Yes, I love you
In your happiness, I rejoice

Poem Written By: Mary Jane Santos
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