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I promise you, My beloved (A Poem)

The story here in this poem is about the relationship of the girl who desperately love a guy, but the guy, whom she loved, is double minded, his troubled of choosing what`s best for him and what he really wants because of all the things bugging his life, like his peers and other girls, He didn’t know what to choose, from bringing back the love of her girl, or Let his life carried by an undecided decisions. While real girlfriend waits for his last decision because she understands his beloved worries she made him a promise.

"I promise you, My beloved"

To the One I love and miss
To you My Beloved, I wrote this

Thinking of you makes me smile
The feeling, how you love me
I wish that time would stop for a while

Your desperation, I saw
Your love for me, I`d felt
You truly make my heart happy
I know, It’s one of your will

By our Lord`s grace, we continue
I commit to be desperate to you
Yes, I will love you more

Time can fly so fast
You still have your choice
To choose your last

When the time will come
It’s not, I you chose
Yes, I will love you
You’re done, I will let it be

Yes, I love you
Seeing you happy is one of my joys
Yes, I love you
In your happiness, I rejoice

Poem Written By: Mary Jane Santos
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Every Love Story Is Written By God ♥

If perfection really exists, then he is probably the perfect human being on earth, who has got the most purely good soul, who thinks about others before himself, who believes in giving as much as he can and keeps faith in god no matter what situation. Such kind of soul deserves all the happiness in life, but the reality is other way round. He never got the real happiness, love and appreciation ever in life which he truly deserves.

And here is me. I believe I am one of the worst kinds of person alive. Selfish, arrogant, rude, and immature and I never thanked enough my god for what he has given me in life. I just lived my life the way I wanted without thinking about my future and anyone else. Though, I wasn't like this a couple of years back, I used to love unconditionally and give my everything to the people I love. Just because of a little pain in life, I made myself this "bad", without keeping a bit of faith in god.

Maybe he was the only person who could have changed me back to normal again, and maybe I was the only person who could have given him the perfect love, happiness and appreciation that he truly deserves. Maybe that's why destiny brought us together out of nowhere. Maybe that's why we fell in love with each other, though we both were from totally different worlds.
Yes he changed me back to the normal "me" again and made me a good person again. And yes I was successful in giving him the true love and all the happiness in life to him.

Usually when a girl falls in love, she builds a bridge between her and her family, distances grows between them. But he made me cross that bridge and actually brought me closer to them even more than before. Sometimes I'm scared to have this much love from him, I'm scared to lose it. And sometimes I think "do I really deserve this much love from him?" I just wish I'm worth his love. Because I try my best, I give my everything to him. He's my life. I wish he feel the love I give him. He does feel it, but I wish, I just wish he knows how much he means to me. Because sometimes in life we fail to express how much we love a person, it's not our fault, but sometimes, we just don't know the best way to express it.. Sometimes i strongly feel that "Every Love Story Is Written By God"

So that's why couple says "I love you" whenever possible. Cry, hug and comfort each other whenever needed. Because who knows what might happen tomorrow.

Written By Afa Khaleel

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If Only....

It was the time of my endless movie viewing streak and I saw a timeless piece in romantic genre. I must mention a scene where the boy is going to meet his girlfriend and he takes a cab. The cabbie senses the trouble on his face and upon asking, the boy says: "I can't seem to make her happy these days and now she is going to her hometown without me." The cabbie asks only one question:  "What if she never comes back. Could you live with that?" The boy grows pale with shock. Suddenly his heart and mind roll back to recent days, the disputes and the unhappy moments. He thought as if all that really came to the point of no return.

At the time it was only a movie for me, just a scene; I never thought I would ever take place of that boy someday. I’m not implying we had some disputes! The thing is, she's gone and will never be’s been 2 months an still I am having a hard time believing the fact, let alone dealing with it. One year she was here and I thought I had all the time in the world. Planned so many things, thought so many ideas.....but now??? She's not here and I'm left alone, in a dark pit of despair, no way out and no way further in. 

If not for her, I would never have known the meaning of true love, never would have felt the ecstasy of truly living the life. She is imprinted all over me. I never gave it much thought as to how I would leave this world but going for her would be a good way to go. When I say "I love you", I understand the gravity of these three words, and I found out long ago that my heart can never produce or bear such emotional drive for anyone else. Without her, it’s just my hopeless life, my pain, occasional tears...but all that's nothing in comparison to my hope that we will see each other soon. In the darkest of my moments when I think about her, each ounce of pain seems totally worth the wait to see her again, because each passing day is bringing me closer to the moment I am living for, the moment when my eyes will witness the greatest miracle in my life that is HER and it will not be a dream.  

There is no life without love, there is no world without love, if there is, I don't want to be a part of it. I will keep begging you till the last breath: Please come back, for my heart is there with you, and here I am, rotting away alone in warm NCR sun. I am sure my life would bring some moments of smile for me, and those moments will come but smile would keep eluding me because it recognizes me by your face and you are not with me. If I'd known that loneliness is far worse than death, I'd have never let you go.

I've been out there and it seems that if there is one place in this world that belongs to me, where I can feel my heart beat, it's right next to you. I feel love for you more than the fear of waiting for you forever. Forever doesn't bother me but what does is the fact that every moment without you is chance I am losing to make you happy, its what I do and will keep doing for eternity and beyond, no matter what is the know why???? ....because I selflessly and madly fell in love with you the first time I saw you and after 19 years, to this day, I feel the same rush of heartbeats when I am with you, same glow in my eyes when I see you. I am nothing if not a lover and this lover will keep the love alive even after he is gone.  

The answer is NO, if you never come back, I cannot live with it. Wish you were here so that could tell all this instead of writing it. Eyes connect deeper than anything. There was once a dream that we will be together, it never happened but dream lives on, wish it comes true, wish you smile always, wish I could make you believe in every fairy tale you ever heard, wish you were here.........If Only.........

~ The Pain Continues ~

Written By: Prateek Singh
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Daughters Are Precious (Small Story)

A couple made a deal the night of their Marriage to NOT open the door of their room to anybody who comes knocking in the morning for any reason!

In the morning, the parents of the husband came and knocked on the door, the husband and the wife were looking at each other and as they agreed before, they didn’t open the door. After a while the parents of the bride came knocking at the door to check on them, the couple were looking at each other, then the bride dropped a tear & started crying she said: “I cannot keep them knocking & not open the door, I miss them already.” The husband didn’t say anything and he let her open the door for her parents.

Years & years passed & the couple had 5 children, the first ones were boys & the 5th was a little girl, when she was born the father was extremely happy that Almighty blessed him with her, and he threw a Huge Party for her in Grand style, people were so amazed with his joy and his happiness that they asked him, why are you so happy with her more than you were before with her older brothers?

He answered simply: “She is the one who will open the door for me.”

~ The End ~

Baby girls are the comfort of the eyes of their father!
They hold the key to their mothers hearts!
Daughters are really unique.
They care for their parents even after they are married.
Its rightly said, “A son is a son till he gets a Wife, a daughter is a daughter the rest of her Life!"
This Story Is Dedicated to all daughters and Daughter in Laws, Please Share.