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Final *goodbye*

He asked her to visit him as he wanted to say her something important. She was happy because from long time nothing special has happened in between them. She was expecting that this time he is going to propose her for marriage so that they can live all life together. But she never knew its going to be her last visit, she was going to listen  final *goodbye*

Final *goodbye*

As I looked into your eyes
I knew something was wrong
And then you said *goodbye*
We had been together too long

You said you didn't feel for me
The same way I did for you
And after years of our love
We were actually through

I said you won't go
You said you can't stay
But how was I supposed to know
It would all end that day

I told you how much I would miss
Each and every day
And that was when you Said Final*goodbye*
And you turned and walked away

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Your Love Gave Me Reason To Live ♥

She was broken after being defeated by life and thus decided to end this pain by jumping from a cliff and thus committing suicide. But then she never knew that before she will embrace death love will hold her hand and give her reason to live life again

Your Love Gave Me Reason To Live

I was falling off the edge
I didn’t see the point
In living my life
So I started to jump

Only hell lays at the bottom
Of that narrow cliff
But I never reached it
You grabbed me before I did

I was confused of who I was
But you took my hand
Instead of calling me a freak
You held me

You took off all the make-up
The hollow eyes you saw through
Opened up a person
The one I could never find

You saw my first smile
The beginning of not wanting to die
No suicide
Just happiness

You poured me out
With the depressed hated anger
And filled me with these words I never heard

My Heart Believes In You ♥

I kept my head up high,
and then you came my way.
I have been hurt so many times.
My heart filled with so much pain.

but now that pain has gone away.
For I have found a place I want to be.
This place I see is with thee.
For in your arms I have felt and seen,
a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe.
A safe haven in your arms just for me
Now I give my heart to thee.

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I Loved You But You Never Loved Me

Sometimes to find your love, I felt I had to look.
No one knows the strength it took.
My love for you has always shown,
Although at times I felt I shared it alone.

We had our nights we had our days,
"I love you" was said in many ways.
Then quietly your secret was told,
Everything you had done began to unfold.
Through all the hurt, through all the pain,
My love for you still remains the same.

Yes, I told you we had to part,
For that was time to heal my heart . . .

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