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Brother, Happy Birthday To You :)

Every boy wish to have a sister, sweet and caring and Birthday boy Shantanu is blessed with one J. On occasion of his birthday his sister has written this sweet little poem for him. Hope you too will like reading it !

 Brother, Happy Birthday To You :)
Written By Prachi Mishra

Must be my lucky stars were shining bright
That u came to my life as a delight.
Every year that comes and goes
Brings its flowers and its snows;
Life moves on, people change...
But you are the one who remain the same...
Everyday someone goes and comes in my life,
But you are the one who is always by my side...

Every argument, every fight...
Reminds me the sharing of our chocolate bite...
All those laughter and every tear we shed,
Are tributes to the times which together we spend.

I may be not a perfect sis
But I want to say you are my bliss.
Now reading all this don’t you jump
Dare to mess my room you’ll get a bump

Mumma loves me a lot
You are not her child I forgot
Tired of writing this much for you
Realities who knows better than you……
But I can keep writing sweet rhyme
As long as you promise chocos and wine

Hey my baby now don’t get sad
You know na that your di is a little mad

My wooshy mooshy My tasty choco pie
Happy birthday to you baby please don’t ever cry