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Brother, Happy Birthday To You :)

Every boy wish to have a sister, sweet and caring and Birthday boy Shantanu is blessed with one J. On occasion of his birthday his sister has written this sweet little poem for him. Hope you too will like reading it !

 Brother, Happy Birthday To You :)
Written By Prachi Mishra

Must be my lucky stars were shining bright
That u came to my life as a delight.
Every year that comes and goes
Brings its flowers and its snows;
Life moves on, people change...
But you are the one who remain the same...
Everyday someone goes and comes in my life,
But you are the one who is always by my side...

Every argument, every fight...
Reminds me the sharing of our chocolate bite...
All those laughter and every tear we shed,
Are tributes to the times which together we spend.

I may be not a perfect sis
But I want to say you are my bliss.
Now reading all this don’t you jump
Dare to mess my room you’ll get a bump

Mumma loves me a lot
You are not her child I forgot
Tired of writing this much for you
Realities who knows better than you……
But I can keep writing sweet rhyme
As long as you promise chocos and wine

Hey my baby now don’t get sad
You know na that your di is a little mad

My wooshy mooshy My tasty choco pie
Happy birthday to you baby please don’t ever cry

Something I Want To Say On This Special Day (Poem)

This poem is written by a boy for the girl he loves on occasion of her birthday. He wish that god may give her all the happiness of this world and he promises that if god fails to give he is there to fulfill them all

Something I Want To Say On This Special Day
Written by Harsh for his love Disha on her Birthday

I was disappointed with god,
I was walking on a lonely path with sadness assured,
I always wished for something more...
It was emptiness around me to the core.

But then you came,
You came for me.
And happiness was meant to be.

Now on this day i sit and think,
What are those lovely things?
That in your ocean of cuteness,
Dubuk dubuk, my heart sinks

Mesmerized by that smile of yours,
That chutter-putter and the bubbly force,

Those dark black deep eyes,
Where i believe your beauty lies.

Though i miss your bunny teeth,
But it’s more comfortable now, to kiss.

And how can i forget your chubby cheeks,
And your in-the-horror-movie shrieks.

Your soft cute hands moving through my hair,
O my my, how did i forget your care.

The way u say baby,
My heart skips a beat,
My sweet little alarm clock,
That was quite a feat.

Now my wait and your birth,
They both seem so worth.

I enjoy the bundle of joy and the treasure of love,
On a plate of care that you serve

It’s beautiful how you came into my life and changed it all;
On this special day i want to let you know it all.

Maybe i hurt u sometimes,
Maybe i disappoint you,
But trust me with my care and love..
I will fix everything that will go wrong J


Gracious !!!! (Poem Written By Monil Modi)

Say it, I feel like hearing,
Create it, I feel like seeing.
Words are few,
But feelings are true.

See me, I feel complimented,
Embrace me, I feel protected.
World may be splendid,
But only with you I feel ascended.

Gift me; I feel it’s my day,
Take me along life’s staircase,
I feel am through halfway.
Paths might not be rosy,
But you are my trophy.

Touch me, I feel alive,
Hold me, I want to survive.
I might give up smiling,
But let our little world be shining.

Written By Monil Modi 
(Banglore, India)

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"Bubble Story" for people with Broken Heart

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."
Written By Nishant Gunjan

When Love relationship comes to end because of any reason, few people blame them-self for staying so long, few accuse the other partner and few cry after losing their love but i won't cry, look at my face I am smiling.

Let me share with you one of my childhood Stolen Moments, Every Sunday all the students in the boarding school were asked to wash there shoe, this was the most boring task assigned to us so for making this task interesting we students used to make soap bubbles (as in the picture) and blow it in the air. It was not an easy task then for me after several attempts I used to form one bubble and used to celebrate it. Do you know friends that soap bubble used to break after sometime leaving a smile on my face :) and then i used to form another one more beautiful than the previous one !!

This broken relationship is also like soap bubble, feel fortunate that you found someone worth loving, feel happy that you got opportunity to experience it because for many "Love" is just something that they have seen in films. Remember my "bubble story" and don’t cry because it's over; smile because it happened. Trust me you will find someone else and that relationship will be more beautiful than this one as then you will know that what mistakes you made in the previous one that you don't have to repeat ♥♥