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You Left Me Alone But I'm Still scared to Move On

You Left me Alone But I'm Still scared to Move On

I'm scared to move on because I'm worried that the second I'm happy with someone else, you'll pop up and ruin it. Ruin it by telling me that you want me, and that you're sorry and that you like me "kinda a lot" and that you miss me "kinda a lot". I'm worried that I'll get so confused because I'll be so happy with him, but of course I'll still want you, and that will make me start crying all the time, end up losing the best relationship I ever had, just to have you get bored again and move onto some trashy girl. The worst part about all of this is that won't stop you even after knowing, i know you will be doing this because you want me hooked, you want me as an option, even if it is an option you'll never take.