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You Just Lost A Friend But I Lost My Love

There are few days in our life which is not that memorable but still we recall them every year. One such day is a day that you have spent with your love all alone and god has also made everything perfect for both of you to date. This poem is written by Sumaiya Hoque (Sumu) who has unknowingly fallen in love with her best friend and then lost him. She has written this poem as she recalls the special day of her life spent with him before she lost him. - Nishant Gunjan.

You Just Lost A Friend But I Lost My Love
Poem Written By Sumaiya Hoque (Sumu)

Last year on this day
I was playing my guitar...
You and I both were singing,
Like two super stars!

The rain became our melody,
The trees were our audience
It was a beautiful weather
You asked me to dance... :D

I'm not a good dancer
So you were teasing me,
I got conceited
I said, "Fine! Don’t dance with me"

You laughed and said,
Sumu, Sorry! I love you...
Hearing this I smiled,
Coz deep inside I truly loved u..

You saw me just as your best friend
But I was stupid, I fell in love,
I was deeply in love with u
For me, Staying just as a friend was tough!

One day you left me
Because of some misunderstanding,
You lost just a "best friend"
But lost my “FIRST LOVE”

One year I passed without u,
It’s the same day today,
I'm playing my guitar,
You're not here,
You are so far away..

So, here I am writing this poem for you,
As On my heart there's a scar..
I am crying and thinking about you,
A Tear drop falls on my guitar...

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