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You Brought Back Love Again In my Life

It becomes so hard to believe someone after being cheated in love, every feeling appears to be fake, no one appears to be nice. This was her condition when her first love failed and an article written by her was published for you to read “MyReal Life Fairytale !” . Today stolen moments is publishing a poem written by her as she has slowly recovered from heart break because someone special came into her life and taught her true meaning of LOVE. – Nishant Gunjan

You Brought Back Love Again In My Life
********** Poem written by  Apachi ************

I was sad I was shattering
I was lonely I was decaying
I was alive but slowly dying
I carried a fake smile but my heart was crying
I was so alone that I used to cry all night
There was no one to hug me, to hold me tight

Then you came in my life
Like a bright sunshine ray of light
You brought me a new morning
You rescued me from my pains
When I was crying,
You were there to make my mood lite
When I was frowning,
You were there to make me feel alright
When I was lonely,
You were there to hold my hands
When I was shattering,
You were there to hug me and make me stand.
Never thought I will be myself again

Thank you love thank you for coming in my life
Thank you love thank you for the love & care you have
Thank you love Thank you for bringing smile on my face
Thank you love thank you for making me alive again
Thank you love thank you for everything
Never knew we best friends one day will be soul mates
Never knew my prince was right there somewhere so near
Never knew I will be dancing again

*from my heart flow*
All I wanna tell you is I LOVE YOU LOVE
*climbing the tower*
All I wanna shout is I LOVE YOU LOVE
*with a rose*
All I wanna propose is I LOVE YOU LOVE

Do keep the promises
Do remember the trust
Do not dare you make me cry
Don’t ever you leave tear in my eyes
Do not ever you dare leave me alone
I love you Love so much that words are not enough,
to express you this that what you mean to me.
I promise to be there by your side always
I promise to be your princess always
Love you & will Love you all life!

***************** The End *****************

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