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Why Every Girl Loves A Wrong Guy ? (A Poem)

Every girl is going to love a guy who will never love them back and as she sits there crying because he will never want her, she doesn't realize that across town there's a boy thinking of her. A boy who would give anything to see her smile, make her laugh, or kiss her in the rain. A boy who would never make her cry because he doesn't want her. But she will forever be chasing the boy who will never love her, instead of giving her heart to the one who deserves it ... Nishant Gunjan.

Why Every Girl Loves A Wrong Guy ?
Poem Written By Nishant Gunjan

Angle, your friends told me that you have cried,
Love has hurt you so you have not slept last night!
I wonder that how someone can break your heart,
You deserve to be taken care and loved!!

Princess, why have you chosen the wrong one?
A person for whom you are just an option!
Why your heart failed to understand my love,
I would have given you all the happiness of this world!!

Dear, For You I may be ugly, I may be bad,
but trust me I love you like Mad!
I know your heart belongs to someone else,
But even he cannot love you the way I can !!

Sweetheart, I am a lover and not a thief,
But still I have decided to steal your heart!
I will make you smile and kiss you in the rain.
And I will thus redefine the meaning of “Love”

Once a good guy asked a question from god,
“Why every girl loves a Wrong Guy?”
God answered what if a wrong person makes her cry,
I always send the right one to remove tears from her eyes.