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When The Love Has Gone...

You planned to live this life with him but destiny has planned something else for you both. You thought you will live this life happily with him but you never knew that people change with time. For any reason if we separate from the one we love, first we try to get him back and when we fail we scrim and cry. We try to become strong and make him and the world believe that we have moved on, but still your heart knows the truth, your eye knows it and thus it cries. – Nishant Gunjan

When The Love Has Gone...
Poem Written By Tanushree Sharma

* Though the love has gone, the feelings would stay,
You still feel for him, but would never say;

* Though the love has gone, the memories won't fade,
You still remember all the promises he made;

* Though the love has gone, there stays that trust,
You still pray to get one more chance to adjust;

* Though the love has gone, eyes are always wet,
You still want him to wipe the tears you shed;

* Though the love has gone, still increase the heartbeat,
You still convince your heart, maybe he didn't cheat;

* Though the love has gone, keep framing fantasy,
You still don't have strength to face the reality;

* Far away from you, the love has gone,
Teaching you ways to always be strong;

*He won't come back,
Even if you scrim or cry.
*Your heart will fail to forget him,
Even if someone else comes in your life.

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