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Secretly Loving You ♥

Have you ever fallen in love with your friend and decided not to propose him/her as you fear to loose his/her friendship. This poem is written by a girl who has fallen in love with one of her friend and thus she decides to love him secretly without letting him know her feelings.

Secretly Loving You

I am in love with a guy who doesn't know it
And that's because I am afraid to show it
He would get upset if he knew how i felt
And even more for the pain I've dealt

If I told him our friendship would have to end
Then I couldn't even have him as a friend
I get so jealous, he likes her instead
I hate how this all goes through my head

If only you'd let me taste your sweet kiss
Maybe then I would know about all this
I could know for a fact that this was true
But now all I can say is that I love you

So please give me just one chance
To show you true, sweet, romance
I owe it to you, for all that you do
You make me happy, mad, and even sad too.

If only you'd look through my smile
And saw that my love for you was in denial
My friends all know I still love you
But one question, "Do you?"

My heart is so happy whenever you’re near,
But when you’re gone my eye sheds tear
My sadness for you is all so true
Only because I truly love you

So if you are my friend, at least one bit
You won't mind that one little slit
The one I told you and just you about
I told you because I trusted you without a doubt.

You turned your back on me and turned it into you,
This made me do what I had to do,
You put me through so much pain,
Your pains putting me down the wrong lane.

Somehow this pain keeps reeling me in
You say you don't want me, but you let my love unfasten.
You let it unfasten into your soul.
This makes our friendship less dull

I want you to know, you brighten my day.
Even when you stop just to say hey
Your smile so bright, is what keeps me going,
This keeps my love for you showing

So please open up your eyes
Before I start telling those pointless lies
My love for you will never end
Even if I am only your friend

I want you to be happy,
I only wish it could be with me,
Because even though I'm not "higher class"
I'm not something you should just pass.

I have feelings just as much as you,
And just like you, I'm human too.
Once we get out of high school
It won't matter if we were cool

So show all your friends the real guy I know
Because as of right now I'm not letting go
Not letting go of that great guy I met
Because once I met him my heart was set

My heart was set on the guy of my dreams
Or so now that's what it seems
Please forgive me if I start to cry
But to me you are my one and only guy

You can make me smile with just one hi
And make me feel sad with that same goodbye
My stomach gets those silly butterflies
Whenever i look deep into your soft brown eyes

For when we go our separate ways,
These are of course my sadder days,
For not being your friend is the worst thought of all,
It makes my heart just sink and fall

For you is the boy that makes my heart skip that beat
And without you I seem incomplete
So bear with me now, as I am only your friend
As I try to get these feeling to end.

If only you would give me that one chance,
To show you true sweet romance,
For then you'd know my love is real,
But now I will just have to deal.

Well that's all that my heart has got to say
 But promise me now on this day
That you will at least be my friend,

My friend forever until the end. 

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