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I Still Remember All Your Lies

If I tell you this that “Break Up” is necessary, you may not agree with me but i will still say its good to Break Up instead in being in relationship with a wrong person. A break up will not only free you from a one sided commitment but also teach you few important lesson of life. Read this poem written by Tanushree who has finally realized that all the promises made by her love were just lies and thus now she has decided to live this life happily alone !! – Nishant Gunjan

I Still Remember All Your Lies
Poem Written By Tanushree

*Out of all the lies you said to me,
Some of them, i would want to keep;
*When you said, you love me and forever will do,
No matter where the situations bring us to;
*When you said, you would always care for me,
For the locks of despair, you would have the key;
*When you said, you would never let my eyes go wet,
Happiness would be around, no tears to shed;

*When you said, you would be always by my side,
No more secrets, nothing to hide;
*When you said, you would always respect my feelings,
Despite of all fights on those silly things;
*When you said, you would never break my trust,
Whatever be the situation, we would adjust;

*When you said, you would spend your future with me,
Marry each other n have a lovely family;
*When you said you would never let me go,
We would be together, whatever situations life may show;
*When you said, you are afraid of losing me,
There will be loneliness, you don't want to feel.

*Now I know that all the promises made were lies,
You entered my life just to break my heart
*Your false love has taught me not to trust anyone,
Now i will fail to believe on word called "LOVE"