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I Shall Be There...

I always believed that  there is nothing called magic and what we call magic is actually some tricks but then I was introduced to love and then I realized “Magic” actually exist. This magic of love can keep you always close to the one you love and once this magic is spelled on a person, that person’s life is nothing without the one he loves!! - Nishant Gunjan

I Shall Be There...
Poem Written By Ronix Peterson

When you are alone, lost and scared,
Look around you for I shall be there,
With your every footstep, in your every heartbeat,
In joy, in grief, in every bliss.
I shall be there in your every little wish.

With the rhythms of life your melodies may change,
The songs may die, the lights may fade....
But when darkness comes darkening your day,
I shall burn to light your way.

Days may turn to weeks or years,
You will find me shedding away your tears.
With the vows of contentment, I stand by your side,
Beautifying your existence, in you I bide.

With you beside, I shall conquer my world,
Walk away and watch me fall.
For the colors of your presence makes me hail,
Strip me of it, and watch me fail.

A touch from your soul and I ride unafraid,
break away and watch me fade.
The deeper you love, the higher I'll fly,
Push me away and watch me die.

With the flow of time which none can say
For the paths of life are tinged with grey,
If destiny takes us far away,
Or into deaths embrace if I may stray,
Weep not for me, shed not in vain,
A drop of tear in my name....

And someday if you wish me gone,
I shall melt away into a new dawn,
And all that shall remain are the whispers of my prayer,
But until that day, I shall always be there.