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Happy Birthday To Preety Sarah :)

There is a small family of friends on Facebook called "Stolen Moments Family" and today is birthday of one of the pritty girl from the family "Preety Sarah". So this poem is birthday gift for her on behalf of Stolen Moment Family by Nikita :). There are few Telugu lines also added to this poem which has been written by Muruga Hope you will like the poem and post a birthday wish for  Preety as comments below !!

Happy Birthday To Preety Sarah :)

With The Sweetness Of Honey,
& Innocence Of A Child's Heart..
You Came Into Our World,
& That's Why We gave You The Name 'Sweet Heart'... <3

Your Smiling Face Can Turn Things From Wrong To Right,
And Can Make Anyone Smile Inspite Of The Pain They Fight... :)

Your Beautiful Face Has A Charm Of Delight,
& Your Pure Soul My Dear, Adds To It 'Beauty' Infinite.. :)

Your Presence In Our Life Is Just Like Fresh Air,
It Makes Us Feel Light & Helps Overcome Any Fear...

You Are The One Holding My Hand When I Am Low,
And I Feel So Lucky To Have U Standing By Me In Any Kinda Flow... :-)

Today Is The Day When An Angel Came To This Earth,
Spreading Happiness All Over & Made Our Life Worth...

Your Nature, Your Attitude, Everything Is So Good,
That Even If We Are Not Talking, It Adds A Cheer To My Mood.. :-D

On Your Birthday, My Sweet Heart This Is A Little Gift I Wanna Show..
With The Love From Whole SMF & For The Prayers, In Front Of God Our Heads We Bow...

May You Get Everything You Deserve & Wish In Life,
And May You Get All The Success & A Loving Guy To Be His Perfect Wife... ;-)

May This Day Brings Happiness Untold,
And May You Get Loving Friends With The Heart Of Gold... <3

Special Note In Telugu Language:
"Nuvvu Antea Naaku Chala Istum Sweet Heart...
Meamu- Antha Chal Andrustam Chesamu,
Nuvvu Maa Tho Unathanaki..
Naku Ela Chepalani Theleadu,
Kani Nee Parichayam Eh Maa Hrudayam... <3

(Love U So Much Sweetheart..
We Are So Lucky To Have You..
I Am In Short Of Words To Describe You & Your Presence In Our Life... <3)

P.S.: Thank U Muruga Bro For Helping Me With Telugu.. <3