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Everything Reminds Me Of You ♥

Sometimes distance in relationship is not a choice but decision, A decision that your mind takes even when your heart chooses to stay together. This happens when family becomes the first priority and love becomes ready to sacrifice for the happiness of parents. Lovers separate but there love never ends, they miss each other but still don’t cry because there heart knows that the one it is missing is missing it too ♥ _ Nishant Gunjan

Everything reminds me of you
Poem Written By Rupali Grover

The tick tock of the clock
reminds me how I manage
every second without you
The silence around me
Reminds me of the way I used to laugh with you

As the darkness of the cold night arrives
It reminds me of the warmth of your presence
The fake smile I keep on my face
Asks me every day about your absence

Every tear I shed for you,
Tells me you are not here to wipe it
your princess feels so hopeless
are you going to like it?

Only moon gives me company at the fearful nights
When I'm lost in the memories of our stupid fights
You are not with me on my way
Still I have the fear of losing you away

This stupid heart of mine, still looks around for you
Because I know you miss me more than I do …

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