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Don't Blame Love For The Mistakes You Make

After a relationship of 5 years one day she left him as she found someone else. He asked her for his mistake, he asked her that what did he do wrong and she replied many times you told me lie, many times you made me cry, many times you have not given me importance, many times when I needed you.. You were not there in my life. He did not speak a word, after returning back home he committed suicide and left a note “I am punishing myself for all the mistakes that I have not made in LOVE :'("

Friends, Love is a journey and in this journey at times things may go wrong but that should never become a reason to quit. What really matters is how you together handled that situation and moved out of it. In this story girl had no excuse, she was guilty as she was wrong and thus she has put wrong allegations on the boy who loved her even after she left!

"No one can stop you if you have planned to cheat someone but please don't blame Him/Her for the mistake you make." - Nishant Gunjan