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Baby I Will Take All Your Pain Away !!

It’s told that an invisible thread binds the hearts of lover together and thus if the one of the two is happy both are happy and if one of the two is in trouble, both their heart feels the pain. This poem written by Monal for the one she loves, she is asking him to share all his pain with her so that he don't have to face them alone.

Baby I Will Take All Your Pain Away !!
Poem Written By Monal Agarwal

Let me be the reason you get through the day
I know this that I'll make everything alright
Think of me baby in any way I'll be all you need
Let me be the one you turn to when there's pain
Baby I will take all your pain away
But please let me know whats making you sad
I know I don't hold a magic wand,
And thus all your sorrows just can't end
But I can promise U that-
I’ll will try my best to bring back smile on your face
What's the problem baby Just let your heart say..
Baby I will take all your pain away
I know you don’t want to share your pain
As you think i may get disturbed
but please understand seeing you like this
is like someone is drilling hole in my heart
I know all my suggestions are idiotic and kiddish
but my prayers are stronger then all your worries
god will bring back smile on your face for sure...
And that's everything for me i don't want anything more..
a smile on your face with that cute one sided dimple
bring joy in my life and makes its more simple...
You are not alone as i am there with you night and day
Baby keep smiling I will take all your pain away