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Don't Blame Love For The Mistakes You Make

After a relationship of 5 years one day she left him as she found someone else. He asked her for his mistake, he asked her that what did he do wrong and she replied many times you told me lie, many times you made me cry, many times you have not given me importance, many times when I needed you.. You were not there in my life. He did not speak a word, after returning back home he committed suicide and left a note “I am punishing myself for all the mistakes that I have not made in LOVE :'("

Friends, Love is a journey and in this journey at times things may go wrong but that should never become a reason to quit. What really matters is how you together handled that situation and moved out of it. In this story girl had no excuse, she was guilty as she was wrong and thus she has put wrong allegations on the boy who loved her even after she left!

"No one can stop you if you have planned to cheat someone but please don't blame Him/Her for the mistake you make." - Nishant Gunjan

Secretly Loving You ♥

Have you ever fallen in love with your friend and decided not to propose him/her as you fear to loose his/her friendship. This poem is written by a girl who has fallen in love with one of her friend and thus she decides to love him secretly without letting him know her feelings.

Secretly Loving You

I am in love with a guy who doesn't know it
And that's because I am afraid to show it
He would get upset if he knew how i felt
And even more for the pain I've dealt

If I told him our friendship would have to end
Then I couldn't even have him as a friend
I get so jealous, he likes her instead
I hate how this all goes through my head

If only you'd let me taste your sweet kiss
Maybe then I would know about all this
I could know for a fact that this was true
But now all I can say is that I love you

So please give me just one chance
To show you true, sweet, romance
I owe it to you, for all that you do
You make me happy, mad, and even sad too.

If only you'd look through my smile
And saw that my love for you was in denial
My friends all know I still love you
But one question, "Do you?"

My heart is so happy whenever you’re near,
But when you’re gone my eye sheds tear
My sadness for you is all so true
Only because I truly love you

So if you are my friend, at least one bit
You won't mind that one little slit
The one I told you and just you about
I told you because I trusted you without a doubt.

You turned your back on me and turned it into you,
This made me do what I had to do,
You put me through so much pain,
Your pains putting me down the wrong lane.

Somehow this pain keeps reeling me in
You say you don't want me, but you let my love unfasten.
You let it unfasten into your soul.
This makes our friendship less dull

I want you to know, you brighten my day.
Even when you stop just to say hey
Your smile so bright, is what keeps me going,
This keeps my love for you showing

So please open up your eyes
Before I start telling those pointless lies
My love for you will never end
Even if I am only your friend

I want you to be happy,
I only wish it could be with me,
Because even though I'm not "higher class"
I'm not something you should just pass.

I have feelings just as much as you,
And just like you, I'm human too.
Once we get out of high school
It won't matter if we were cool

So show all your friends the real guy I know
Because as of right now I'm not letting go
Not letting go of that great guy I met
Because once I met him my heart was set

My heart was set on the guy of my dreams
Or so now that's what it seems
Please forgive me if I start to cry
But to me you are my one and only guy

You can make me smile with just one hi
And make me feel sad with that same goodbye
My stomach gets those silly butterflies
Whenever i look deep into your soft brown eyes

For when we go our separate ways,
These are of course my sadder days,
For not being your friend is the worst thought of all,
It makes my heart just sink and fall

For you is the boy that makes my heart skip that beat
And without you I seem incomplete
So bear with me now, as I am only your friend
As I try to get these feeling to end.

If only you would give me that one chance,
To show you true sweet romance,
For then you'd know my love is real,
But now I will just have to deal.

Well that's all that my heart has got to say
 But promise me now on this day
That you will at least be my friend,

My friend forever until the end. 

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All I Want Is You And Your Love

I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.

I need you like a flower needs the rain.
I need you for you can wash away my pain.
I need you more every passing day
I need you for you are so wonderful, in every single way.

I miss you more than ever now.
I miss you because I really need you somehow.
I miss you and your touch.
I miss you as to me, you mean so much.

I want you to caress my lips the way you always do.
I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you.
I want you to hold me close to your arms.
I want you as with you I want to spend my life.
Grow old with you and see your hairs turning white ♥♥

Happy Birthday To Clu Bhataria From Nepal ♥

What ? You thought ANGELS don't celebrate there Birthday :) There is a small family of friends on Facebook called "Stolen Moments Family" and today is birthday of ANGEL BABY of the family "Clu Bhataria" who is from Nepal. So this poem is birthday gift for her on behalf of Stolen Moment Family by Nikita :). Hope you will like the poem and post a birthday wish for Clu as comments below !!

Happy Birthday To Clu Bhataria :)

Happy Birthday to the "Angel Baby" Of the House,
Here We Stand & Sing for You With A Huge Applause...:-D

Love You So Much My Dear,
And I Will Never Let You Fear...

Yours Sweet Nature & Lovely Voice,
Brings a Smile on My Face J

You, My Angel Is Like a Shining Star,
Very-Very Close To My Heart, Yet So Far...

You Stood By My Side at My Worst,
And All I Could Give You Is My Trust...

There Were Moments When I Use To Worry,
But You Came Like A Patient Listener With No Hurry...

 You Always Made Me Feel So Special,
That I Could Fight No Matter Whether The Time Is Light Or Crucial...

Today Is the Day When You Came,
And In Our Beautiful Family Added A New Name...

I Just Want to Wish You All the Happiness of the World,
& May You Fly As High As A Bird...

 I Promise To Stand By You at Every Phase Of Life,
And Give You All The Love & Care That You Deserve At Every Point Of Time...

On This Special Day of Delight,
Let Us All Wish U & Throw On Our Relation Some Light... :-)

This Is a Small Gift for a Person Lovely,
With Lots of Love from Stolen Moments Family... 

Baby I Will Take All Your Pain Away !!

It’s told that an invisible thread binds the hearts of lover together and thus if the one of the two is happy both are happy and if one of the two is in trouble, both their heart feels the pain. This poem written by Monal for the one she loves, she is asking him to share all his pain with her so that he don't have to face them alone.

Baby I Will Take All Your Pain Away !!
Poem Written By Monal Agarwal

Let me be the reason you get through the day
I know this that I'll make everything alright
Think of me baby in any way I'll be all you need
Let me be the one you turn to when there's pain
Baby I will take all your pain away
But please let me know whats making you sad
I know I don't hold a magic wand,
And thus all your sorrows just can't end
But I can promise U that-
I’ll will try my best to bring back smile on your face
What's the problem baby Just let your heart say..
Baby I will take all your pain away
I know you don’t want to share your pain
As you think i may get disturbed
but please understand seeing you like this
is like someone is drilling hole in my heart
I know all my suggestions are idiotic and kiddish
but my prayers are stronger then all your worries
god will bring back smile on your face for sure...
And that's everything for me i don't want anything more..
a smile on your face with that cute one sided dimple
bring joy in my life and makes its more simple...
You are not alone as i am there with you night and day
Baby keep smiling I will take all your pain away

Happy Birthday To Preety Sarah :)

There is a small family of friends on Facebook called "Stolen Moments Family" and today is birthday of one of the pritty girl from the family "Preety Sarah". So this poem is birthday gift for her on behalf of Stolen Moment Family by Nikita :). There are few Telugu lines also added to this poem which has been written by Muruga Hope you will like the poem and post a birthday wish for  Preety as comments below !!

Happy Birthday To Preety Sarah :)

With The Sweetness Of Honey,
& Innocence Of A Child's Heart..
You Came Into Our World,
& That's Why We gave You The Name 'Sweet Heart'... <3

Your Smiling Face Can Turn Things From Wrong To Right,
And Can Make Anyone Smile Inspite Of The Pain They Fight... :)

Your Beautiful Face Has A Charm Of Delight,
& Your Pure Soul My Dear, Adds To It 'Beauty' Infinite.. :)

Your Presence In Our Life Is Just Like Fresh Air,
It Makes Us Feel Light & Helps Overcome Any Fear...

You Are The One Holding My Hand When I Am Low,
And I Feel So Lucky To Have U Standing By Me In Any Kinda Flow... :-)

Today Is The Day When An Angel Came To This Earth,
Spreading Happiness All Over & Made Our Life Worth...

Your Nature, Your Attitude, Everything Is So Good,
That Even If We Are Not Talking, It Adds A Cheer To My Mood.. :-D

On Your Birthday, My Sweet Heart This Is A Little Gift I Wanna Show..
With The Love From Whole SMF & For The Prayers, In Front Of God Our Heads We Bow...

May You Get Everything You Deserve & Wish In Life,
And May You Get All The Success & A Loving Guy To Be His Perfect Wife... ;-)

May This Day Brings Happiness Untold,
And May You Get Loving Friends With The Heart Of Gold... <3

Special Note In Telugu Language:
"Nuvvu Antea Naaku Chala Istum Sweet Heart...
Meamu- Antha Chal Andrustam Chesamu,
Nuvvu Maa Tho Unathanaki..
Naku Ela Chepalani Theleadu,
Kani Nee Parichayam Eh Maa Hrudayam... <3

(Love U So Much Sweetheart..
We Are So Lucky To Have You..
I Am In Short Of Words To Describe You & Your Presence In Our Life... <3)

P.S.: Thank U Muruga Bro For Helping Me With Telugu.. <3

You Just Lost A Friend But I Lost My Love

There are few days in our life which is not that memorable but still we recall them every year. One such day is a day that you have spent with your love all alone and god has also made everything perfect for both of you to date. This poem is written by Sumaiya Hoque (Sumu) who has unknowingly fallen in love with her best friend and then lost him. She has written this poem as she recalls the special day of her life spent with him before she lost him. - Nishant Gunjan.

You Just Lost A Friend But I Lost My Love
Poem Written By Sumaiya Hoque (Sumu)

Last year on this day
I was playing my guitar...
You and I both were singing,
Like two super stars!

The rain became our melody,
The trees were our audience
It was a beautiful weather
You asked me to dance... :D

I'm not a good dancer
So you were teasing me,
I got conceited
I said, "Fine! Don’t dance with me"

You laughed and said,
Sumu, Sorry! I love you...
Hearing this I smiled,
Coz deep inside I truly loved u..

You saw me just as your best friend
But I was stupid, I fell in love,
I was deeply in love with u
For me, Staying just as a friend was tough!

One day you left me
Because of some misunderstanding,
You lost just a "best friend"
But lost my “FIRST LOVE”

One year I passed without u,
It’s the same day today,
I'm playing my guitar,
You're not here,
You are so far away..

So, here I am writing this poem for you,
As On my heart there's a scar..
I am crying and thinking about you,
A Tear drop falls on my guitar...

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Everything Reminds Me Of You ♥

Sometimes distance in relationship is not a choice but decision, A decision that your mind takes even when your heart chooses to stay together. This happens when family becomes the first priority and love becomes ready to sacrifice for the happiness of parents. Lovers separate but there love never ends, they miss each other but still don’t cry because there heart knows that the one it is missing is missing it too ♥ _ Nishant Gunjan

Everything reminds me of you
Poem Written By Rupali Grover

The tick tock of the clock
reminds me how I manage
every second without you
The silence around me
Reminds me of the way I used to laugh with you

As the darkness of the cold night arrives
It reminds me of the warmth of your presence
The fake smile I keep on my face
Asks me every day about your absence

Every tear I shed for you,
Tells me you are not here to wipe it
your princess feels so hopeless
are you going to like it?

Only moon gives me company at the fearful nights
When I'm lost in the memories of our stupid fights
You are not with me on my way
Still I have the fear of losing you away

This stupid heart of mine, still looks around for you
Because I know you miss me more than I do …

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When The Love Has Gone...

You planned to live this life with him but destiny has planned something else for you both. You thought you will live this life happily with him but you never knew that people change with time. For any reason if we separate from the one we love, first we try to get him back and when we fail we scrim and cry. We try to become strong and make him and the world believe that we have moved on, but still your heart knows the truth, your eye knows it and thus it cries. – Nishant Gunjan

When The Love Has Gone...
Poem Written By Tanushree Sharma

* Though the love has gone, the feelings would stay,
You still feel for him, but would never say;

* Though the love has gone, the memories won't fade,
You still remember all the promises he made;

* Though the love has gone, there stays that trust,
You still pray to get one more chance to adjust;

* Though the love has gone, eyes are always wet,
You still want him to wipe the tears you shed;

* Though the love has gone, still increase the heartbeat,
You still convince your heart, maybe he didn't cheat;

* Though the love has gone, keep framing fantasy,
You still don't have strength to face the reality;

* Far away from you, the love has gone,
Teaching you ways to always be strong;

*He won't come back,
Even if you scrim or cry.
*Your heart will fail to forget him,
Even if someone else comes in your life.

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HIS Presence _/\_

This is a poem depicting the presence of JESUS in our lives....

HIS   Presence 
Poem Written By Sushila Fernandes

So tenderly he watches,
Gently I am led:
Without a word I’m beckoned,
Lest on mushy path I tread….

My thoughts aren’t mine alone
For unobtrusively he sees,
With compassion He caresses me,
When’re I’m on my knees.

He eternally loves me
No matter where I stay, 
And in the darkest of the nights 
He’s always lighting my way.

From all my storms, Himself, he hides
Only my strength and faith to see,
While I surmount every hill, every climb.
Due to the strength of his love for me!!