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Unmendable Scars (Heart Broken Poem)

Love is beautiful when it begins as we don't know at that point of time that its true or fake but with time truth comes out as the one who was faking love become tired of acting like lover everyday. It's sad that people plant dreams even when they know that they are not going to water it. This heart touching poem is written by a girl who became victim of fake love,  she had so many question for him but still they are unanswered. Just a request to everyone, play with stick, play with stones, play with toys but please never play with someone's heart as your fake love will give Unmendable Scars.

Unmendable Scars

Sitting alone by the window
And outside its raining
Nature is crying today
Because my heart is paining

About my terrible condition
Now you are not going to bother
My heart was deeply struck with pain
When you insensitively yelled "it’s over"...

My swelled up eyes remind me
What you used to say
'I'll never let you cry'
And made me smile each day

Why you didn't stick to your words?
Why did you hurt me?
Did I commit any crime?
That you left me with a heartless glee

Completely shattered I am
With my mercilessly wounded heart
Because of those unmendable scars
Which are now my unwanted parts

In all your lies I believed
And all your targets you achieved
With my innocent heart you played
God was watching, why you didn't get afraid?

When you said you love me-you lied
When you said you miss me-you lied
Tell me, what was my fault?
that you left only pains by my side

Here I am, thinking of you
Gazing at the ever so shining stars
wondering will you ever realize
you ruined me with those unmendable scars..

--The End --
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Poem Written By Rupali Grover