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My Final Kiss Is Enough To Keep You Close ♥

When we realize that our relation is going to end with someone with whom we wanted to stay together all our life then we try everything to stop that from happening and when everything fails we request to meet at least once… one last time… when we meet we ask to kiss one last time.. a final kiss.. have you ever tried to figure out that what makes us ask for this one last Kiss ? It’s a believe that this final kiss will make your love recall all the time you both spent together, this one last kiss will change your love’s decision to go away… and this one last kiss will be enough to keep you both together again !! - Nishant Gunjan

My Final Kiss Is Enough To keep You Close
Poem Written By Priyanka Bansode

I Know I Promised I'd Never Make You Cry;
I Know It Hurts But Please Dry Your Eyes.

I Will Give To You Whatever You Need;
A Hug, A Kiss, Just Tells Me Please.

To See You Cry Is a Terrible Sight;
Let Me Love You Once and Hold You Tight.

I'll Do Anything You Want to Make You Proud;
I'll climb the Highest Peak and Yell Your Name Aloud.

I Love You Too Much; I Can Take You High;
Please Sweetheart Don't Say Goodbye.

Don't Push Me Away I Want You Near;
To Gently Wipe Away All you’re Tears.

If We Must Truly Say Goodbye;
One More Time Just Close Your Eyes.

And Let Us Share One Final Kiss;
For You Are the Love, I Will Forever Miss....

 Kiss :* Plays The Magic And Then They Stay Together For Life