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I Loved Her And She Loved Me (A Story Poem)

If your love is true and you believe that “someone” belongs to you then one day that person will be in your arms. This poem narrates a love story of a boy who achieved his love twice because he too believed that this “someone” whom he loved belongs to him but unfortunately his love was defeated by destiny. - Nishant Gunjan

I Loved Her and She Loved me
written by Snigdha, Kirti & Nikita

I was on my knee,
For I always wanted her & me to be "WE"

We didn't connect so much with each other,
And it was something that made me bother...

Love was in her eyes,
And i could not hear her cries...

It would make me ache
To see her heart break...

Slowly and slowly things got changed,
My wounds were covered without love unnamed...

I could do anything for her single gaze,
But I knew this was not the age... 

It would make her rage,
And would turn my love to the last page...

I didn't realize that she felt the same,
Until one day I got to hear my name...

But she did it just for her fame,
With me it was just a game!!

My friends told me but I never understood,
Because it was love for me & I misunderstood...

I never wanted to be rude,
For i knew she was good

But conditions were such,
That I couldn't stop myself to react much...

Time passed and I realized how much she means to me,
Everywhere I looked it’s just her I can see...

One day, she just held a clutch...
And let me know, she needed me so much 

I say, one day she will be mine,
And the world around me will be FINE 

 I didn't know what to do; I didn't know what to say,
Just hugged her and told her to stay...

She was confused what I felt,
Because never before in front of her my heart had melt...

I told her, I would walk miles with her on her way,
And when she'll be low, I’ll show her a new ray 

But I was deterred the way I dealt,
For I knew, the same was what she felt!! 

She was happy she was sad,
For now she realized what she did was bad...

I told her it’s alright,
Mistakes happen as they are a part of life...

I told her, I want to be her daughter’s DAD 
I felt butterflies which I never had 

She smiled with tears in her eyes,
And told me why she told all that lies...

And next moment what she told was,
She wanted to be my WIFE 

I could not believe what I heard,
Did I hear wrong I feared..!

Together now our heart flies,

She came near in my embrace,
In my chest to hide her face 

I felt something nice,
Something that I never felt otherwise...

Her lips that moment did rise,
And planted a soft kiss on my eyes 

It was the moment that I wanted to freeze,
Because I felt the most amazing breeze...

 Against my face her hair did brush,
God, I could not believe, in my arms I had my crush 

 I thanked her for coming back,
And for realizing what I felt...

God only knows, it was just my luck,
That she realized how I felt 

I wanted to shout, I wanted to dance,
Because I got my everything in just a glance...

I did not dance neither did anything new,
Just went close n whispered,

There's an unseen magic in these 3 words,
That can fade away sadness with the speed of the birds...

I felt the air change its way,
We held each other leaving everything at bay..!

But i had confessed it all in a pew,
I said, the intensity of my love for u,
You'll find in hearts very few!!  

Then we sat down where we had 1st met,
It was time to talk about everything that had to be set...

The rain was on,
God, beautiful she looked when she got wet 

Memories flashed in front of me,
Of the time when together we were meant to be...

I remember the place I proposed u first,
And this time too the same place had to be a must..!
But deep in my heart I feared your love to rust!!

I was scared and she sensed it,
For now she could feel exactly as I did..

But time changed and so did she!!
Why?? Why did she let me be free?? :-(

One thing was sure,
Her love was pure... 

The pain of our separation,
I could not endure

There must be a reason for this pain,
And i need to know it before things go down the lane..

All my efforts went in vain,
She went away, leaving me again

I was drowned in tears,
And was not able to bring her out of her fears...

I told her, she was my dear,
But she would never let me be near

Something for sure was stopping her,
But the thing that was troubling me was 
my dreams about being with her..

She was unwell,
The reason she would repel...

She was to die,
And never wanted me to cry...

But I had to know,
Because I can't b that stupid to just let her go..

I told her, please dear, let your emotions flow..
But she was deterred to say, NO!!

Slowly steadily she started melting,
I could feel the pain when she silently fainted.. :'(

I loved her and she loved me
But living together was not in our destiny...

I kissed her forehead,
When she was dead!!
Crying like anything, I asked god,
What was my mistake??