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Unforgivable Pains

This This poem was sent to us by one of the Fans of Stolen Moments, After reading this poem i was not only able to imagine her with broken heart and tears in eyes.. but i was also able to see, lot of hatred filled in inside her heart for the one who betrayed her and given her so much Pain in return of her Love and sacrifice :'((

Unforgivable Pains.....

Twisted and tangled, are my emotions
Up- down, right- left
Every day a new reason
To keep my eyes wet :'(

A misery deep down
Every Moment when I was alone
Remembered his promise
To make it a home

Those dreams- terrifying
Those realities- horrifying
Puts my soul on dying
And I end up just crying

Lips yelling for your help,
Reached no where
They are silent now
And yet unheard

My soul’s painted blue
Now you have made me stand in the same queue

I am trying
to fix myself
with shivering soul and body
but my heart’s at your custody

Your thoughts keep hurting me deep
And in the dreary nights
Your painful words
Perilously lull me to sleep

 Moon the magnificent spectator
Of our love
Now portray
What you refrained to say

Dawn breaks with my wet eyes
Lips comforting me with your lies.

Hide yourself
Don’t uncover my soul
Unhear my lips
‘cos they might never stop accusing you
For your nips..

Stop calling you as god’s creation
There’s nothing as heart and soul
You chose but
God never assigned you those role

Some time you will be brought out of those fake lanes
and then you will be forced to see your sins
how deep you left me
with those unforgivable pains


Poem Written By Miss Anonymous
Poet has Requested Not To Disclose Her Name