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Happy Birthday Harshuu :)

This poem Is Dedicated to Harsh, His Birthday is on 26th February and this poem is written by his friends to make him realize that how special he is to them. You may find few words in Hindi in this poem as it's being published UNEDITED but i can assure you that you will love reading this and wish to have friends who can write a poem for you on your birthday :-)

Hehehe whenever I say this name i get a biggg smile on my face :-D

This poem is 4 u My Lovely brother-

Initially we rarely talked,
But we always loved the way you walked..
Sweet, Caring, Cute, Charming Boy,
With understanding & full of Joy..
Your presence in Stolen Moments Family (SMF) is like that of a Rose,
Even in its absence its Fragrance melts us all..

You are like a soft soft Teddy,
We wish we could Hug you & never see you Saddy..
You are the Twinkle of our Eyes,
And we never want to lose you, no matter what fate decides..
You are the Man in the Dream of every Princess,
And we really Love U for being the Perfect Prince for our Darling Dishu..

You are like a Ray of Hope,
When we are surrounded by Darkness..
You are the reason for our Smile,
When we are lost in Tears..
You have become an important part of our Life,
And this is the perfect time to let U know U have a Magic undefined..

It’s just amazing how God brought us all Together,
And now it’s so much difficult to think Life without each other..
On this special day we just want to wish you everything in Life,
Every single thing that lights your face with a Smile..
You simply are My Brother, My Kalakhatta, My Friend,
And every time I look at you, I thank God for gifting you to Me..

I want U to know I love being your Nikki Chikki,
And U dare not forget your Paneer Ki Tikki.. :-P
Wish you all the Success, Love & Care & a Promise by my side,
That I am going to be there for U no matter whether things are Wrong or Right..
Love U Sooooo much My Golgappa, Golu Polu mera Kalakhatta :-D

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Credits: Poem Written By Nikita Upreti | Photo Collage Designed By Prachi Mishra