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Madness Is....

 Madness is...

To hate all roses because you
Got scratch by one thorn..(-_-)

To give up all your dreams
Because one of them didn't
Come true...(-_-)

... To lose faith in God Because
Once he didn't answered a prayer...(-_-)

To give up all your efforts
Because one of them failed...(-_-)

To condemn all your friends
Because one of them betrayed you... (-_-)

Not to believe in love because
Someone broke a promise and left... (-_-)
Remember that Time will bring..

*A new Friend..~

Missing Him Again :'(

Today I’m feeling so low
As you are not with me,
I miss u every moment
Wherever I may be.

My mind sets no where
And just thinks about you,
I want to talk a lot with you
But our talks are due.

My lips are trembling
And calling your name,
I cannot see you in front of me
And I’m going through this pain.

My tears are in trauma
Should they flow out or lay inside,
They want to roll down my cheeks
But I could not decide.

My one hand holds the other
As it cannot hold yours,
My heart beats gets faster
Wishing you might be here,
Giving me the feel of joy, love and care.

How much I love you is all I know,
I just feel it and I don’t want to show.
I miss you with every beat of my heart,
No doubt you are the only one of
Whom I can think about.....

Poem Written By: Komal Chopra
(Email Address:

Happy Birthday Harshuu :)

This poem Is Dedicated to Harsh, His Birthday is on 26th February and this poem is written by his friends to make him realize that how special he is to them. You may find few words in Hindi in this poem as it's being published UNEDITED but i can assure you that you will love reading this and wish to have friends who can write a poem for you on your birthday :-)

Hehehe whenever I say this name i get a biggg smile on my face :-D

This poem is 4 u My Lovely brother-

Initially we rarely talked,
But we always loved the way you walked..
Sweet, Caring, Cute, Charming Boy,
With understanding & full of Joy..
Your presence in Stolen Moments Family (SMF) is like that of a Rose,
Even in its absence its Fragrance melts us all..

You are like a soft soft Teddy,
We wish we could Hug you & never see you Saddy..
You are the Twinkle of our Eyes,
And we never want to lose you, no matter what fate decides..
You are the Man in the Dream of every Princess,
And we really Love U for being the Perfect Prince for our Darling Dishu..

You are like a Ray of Hope,
When we are surrounded by Darkness..
You are the reason for our Smile,
When we are lost in Tears..
You have become an important part of our Life,
And this is the perfect time to let U know U have a Magic undefined..

It’s just amazing how God brought us all Together,
And now it’s so much difficult to think Life without each other..
On this special day we just want to wish you everything in Life,
Every single thing that lights your face with a Smile..
You simply are My Brother, My Kalakhatta, My Friend,
And every time I look at you, I thank God for gifting you to Me..

I want U to know I love being your Nikki Chikki,
And U dare not forget your Paneer Ki Tikki.. :-P
Wish you all the Success, Love & Care & a Promise by my side,
That I am going to be there for U no matter whether things are Wrong or Right..
Love U Sooooo much My Golgappa, Golu Polu mera Kalakhatta :-D

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Credits: Poem Written By Nikita Upreti | Photo Collage Designed By Prachi Mishra




 It can't cripple love
It can't shatter hope
It can't corrode faith
It can't eat away peace
It can't destroy confidence
It can't kill friendship
It can't shut out memories
It can't silence courage
It can't invade the soul
It can't reduce eternal life
It can't quench the Spirits
It can't lessen the power of the resurrection.


May god never let you or your dear once suffer from this Evil Disease ! Please share this poem and let them read it who are suffering with it !!

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Look What You Have Done to Me

 Here lays my heart,
All broken and torn,
There are no feelings left in it,
For me to mourn,

Here lays my mind,
Which has repressed,
All the memories we have shared,
That have left me a mess,

Here lays my soul,
Which you took away,
Along with my faith and trust in you,
That you broke in a day...

-by Julie Scricco

Unforgivable Pains

This This poem was sent to us by one of the Fans of Stolen Moments, After reading this poem i was not only able to imagine her with broken heart and tears in eyes.. but i was also able to see, lot of hatred filled in inside her heart for the one who betrayed her and given her so much Pain in return of her Love and sacrifice :'((

Unforgivable Pains.....

Twisted and tangled, are my emotions
Up- down, right- left
Every day a new reason
To keep my eyes wet :'(

A misery deep down
Every Moment when I was alone
Remembered his promise
To make it a home

Those dreams- terrifying
Those realities- horrifying
Puts my soul on dying
And I end up just crying

Lips yelling for your help,
Reached no where
They are silent now
And yet unheard

My soul’s painted blue
Now you have made me stand in the same queue

I am trying
to fix myself
with shivering soul and body
but my heart’s at your custody

Your thoughts keep hurting me deep
And in the dreary nights
Your painful words
Perilously lull me to sleep

 Moon the magnificent spectator
Of our love
Now portray
What you refrained to say

Dawn breaks with my wet eyes
Lips comforting me with your lies.

Hide yourself
Don’t uncover my soul
Unhear my lips
‘cos they might never stop accusing you
For your nips..

Stop calling you as god’s creation
There’s nothing as heart and soul
You chose but
God never assigned you those role

Some time you will be brought out of those fake lanes
and then you will be forced to see your sins
how deep you left me
with those unforgivable pains


Poem Written By Miss Anonymous
Poet has Requested Not To Disclose Her Name