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What Is Love ?

When someone talks about word "LOVE", one of the two picture comes in front of our eyes. if we have bad experience with love with think of tears and blood and if we have a beautiful picture of it we think of a couple and a heart !

This feeling "Love" holds different meaning in everyone's life based on what experience they had after falling in or after watching people fall in it ! Poet of this poem believes that love cannot be defined so he has tried to present it in front of us with beautiful examples, which you will love to read !!

What Is LOVE ?

What is Love?
Love is indeed a feeling,
Expressed with eyes,
And not merely with the lips!

What is Love?
Love is the affection,
which grows gradually,
Starts at the first sight,
And lasts till we survive!

What is Love?
Love is caring for someone,
A Wife cares about her husband,
Remains awake until he comes,
goes to bed only after he finishes his food !

What is Love?
Love is when a girl,
talks to her beloved,
Non-Stop for hours,
without getting bored!

What is Love?
Love is when an old woman,
Pardons her spoilt son,
Even after he hurts her,
throws her out of his home!

What is Love?
Love is when a lover,
Sheds his tears,
for that person for whom,
he left his near and dear ones!

Love Is The madness that i did,
I loved her from depth of my heart.
She found someone and left me alone,
This painful injury is called "LOVE"

The End

This poem is written by Prathamesh Desh who is only 14 years old. he has sent this poem to us because he wanted it to be published for you to read. If you liked his talent and the poet inside him please encourage him by sharing this poem (find the link below)

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