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Take Me In Your Arms !!

 Undo my every emotion, take me in your arms,
let me believe in peace, take in your arms.
let the tears be wiped of the shirt you wear,
i have waited enough, just take me in your arms .....

hold me close and kiss me on my forehead,
break the silence,kiss me on my forehead.
let me know you too were tired of the wait,
i need to feel the love, just kiss me on my forehead ....

long were the nights when you were gone,
hard was the walk when you were gone.
autumn love seemed so much grey,
needless the world seemed, when you were gone ....

now that you are here, please don't leave,
love needs careless moments, please don't leave.
i have lost the patience, i might wither away,
hold my hand i need you to stay ....


Poem Written By: Sneha Rahatekar