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New Year Begins & Love Continues

They are unlucky who have lost there love in year 2011 because of some misunderstanding or lack of trust But they are blessed who were together.. who are together and  the bond keeping then together is pure love !! I have written and dedicated this poem for those lucky couple who are going to continue there love story in 2012 and i also prey god that they live together for life ...

New Year Begins And Love Continues....

Today a new year starts
A start for something new
Another beautiful year
Of me and you ...

Today a new beginning starts
For new plans and the ones made
To finish what was started
To start what we prayed ...

This year
We will go through new experiences
We will start a new chapter of life
With New Dreams in both our eyes ...

We have begin this year together
another mile stone we have crossed
our love story is so beautiful 
that in few words it cannot be told ...

Lets collect the stolen moments
and make them reason for our smile
lets make year 2012 witness
the continued love story of me and you ♥ ♥

The End Love Continues....
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Poem Written by Nishant Gunjan