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My Best Friend Puja Jain

It was her Best Friends birthday and she wanted to gift her something special... Money can buy everything.. but nothing can buy Feelings :) She decided to write a poem for her and let her know that how much she loves her and how special she is for her as a Best Friend !!

This poem is written by Tanushree (Right On the Picture Above) for her Best Friend Puja (Left On The Picture Above) !! She has tried finding words to describe her friendship and express her love for her best friend, hope you will like reading it :)

My Best Friend Puja Jain

I am lucky to get a friend like you,
Always ready to help me with everything i do..
You are like an angel to me that god sent along,
Always staying beside me whenever things go wrong..
You stand there for me even when i have bad time,
And never leave me alone, 
you have such a deep understanding of mine..
You always made me laugh whenever i cried,
You always understand my pain, when i was hurt inside..

I hardly have to express and tell you anyting,
I am blessed with a Friend who understands my feeling..
From the day we met our friendship has grown,
I know till you are there i'll never be alone..
You understand my love that i have inside,
You are always there like a mentor and a guide..
You are always there to make my tense moment lighter,
With a smile, you make my face brighter..
We go for movies together, and do endless shopping,
we don't have any third person or group, yet we are rocking..

I don't care if anyone is jealous of our friendship,
It is just because they don't have such an amazing relationship..
God has blessed me with a friend like you,
And with our friendship that is so special and true..


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