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Love Was Ugly Until I Met You

This is story of Afa Khaleel who is from Srilanka and her journey through different hearts until she met her true love. She was not like other girls who give up easily in life, after reading her story you will know that Love is served to us again and again until we find our true love.  Sometime we move on sometimes we cry, sometime we shed tears sometime we smile but all these incident becomes experience and is called “PAST” when we meet our true Love.- Nishant Gunjan.

Love Was Ugly Until I Met You 

I was in a four years long relationship with my first boyfriend but we broke up as we used to have lot of fights on small issue and we both realized that we cannot spend our life together. I was not hurt at all as I was sure by then that he was not my Love. There was one another reason why I was easily able to recover from this break up.. My heart was falling for one another guy and even I was not aware of it!!

Me and this other boy worked in the same hotel, same department. He was a fun loving guy, good human being and very friendly. I was attracted towards him because of his sense of humor. Day by day our friendship grew fonder. He showed that he also liked me by hints and I continued to fall for him. We laughed for no reason and our eyes used to talk when we were in public. There was no name for our relation and so I was confused weather it was love or not. Only thing I knew was that he makes me smile just by showing up every day. 

Soon he realized that I have completely fallen in love with him and this love will make me surrender and he can make me do anything for him. He took full advantage of this chance. I gave him my whole mind, body and soul, my dignity. I never thought everything would suddenly change after that one night. The very next day morning he came to office while I was there, and he just passed by me without even looking at me. At that point i knew that everything has changed. He started ignoring me. I tried not to bother him but couldn't stop myself from finding a chance to talk with him. His ignorance was killing me inside. All my loving friends felt sad for me. They knew I was totally in love with him, they also knew that he won't even give a damn about me.

Things went worst when one night he called me, I felt like my heart went alive again but who knew he called me to break my heart into pieces. The boy I was crazy about was now asking me about my best friend. He said that he liked her unconditionally and after listening to this my heart broke into pieces. Tears ran down my cheek in the middle of the night on duty, I didn't say a word and hung up the phone. How can someone be so cruel, knowing that I love him he was asking me about my best friend.

Days passed by and I continued to suffer with pain, I used to watch him flirting with other girls including my best friends in the hotel. I continued to break but I did not show my broken heart to anyone,  I tried doing everything possible to forget him. I started dating boys who were after me so that I can forget him but sad still this heart continued to take his name. I tried smoking also, neither that helped. When I thought nothing can be worst than this pain I caught him red handed with my best friend in my own room on my bed. I don't think any girl would get this much hurt. I had no idea what to do I decided to take a break from work  for one month. 

After one month when I returned back to the hotel, everything was normal. I still did not forget him, but my decision of not thinking about him after all those things helped me as slowly I was becoming normal. I started enjoying my life with friends as I used to enjoy earlier. One night there was a party in the hotel, I thought of checking it out, so I went there with my close friend. I thought of going and having a chat with a boy who was after me from long time, today he was talking with 2 white ladies. luckily I didn't have to start the conversation, as soon as he saw me, he came and started talking to me, it appeared as if he was looking for this opportunity from long time. He was from a different nationality and he was the DJ of the hotel. Being a DJ he was famous among girls and many of them liked him.

That night we talked a lot, all of a sudden he asked me for a kiss. I was shocked. He held my hands so tightly that I couldn't even escape. In such a panic, I gave him a kiss so that he leaves my hand, I ran away from there immediately. After that night he wanted to spend more time with me, he was totally in love with me but I was never serious with him. He tried to convince me to trust him but I never did. I was not serious about love at all after all the pain I have gained. Still he didn't give up; he continued to do things to make me feel special and used to give me lot of gifts.
One night he took me to a nice hotel for a dinner which was a surprise.  He has planned private romantic dinner in a Big garden. He booked the full garden for us that night. Everything was so perfect that night I came to know that he left his ex-girlfriend just for me. He went against his family and friends just for me. Still I had no idea what to do then I thought maybe this is what god has planned for me. The person I loved never loved me so I thought of giving a chance to him. I left everything to destiny and I decided to say yes and be his official girlfriend after that night, keeping my fingers crossed.

And here I am now. Today I am probably one of the most happiest girl in this world. He made me forget about my past totally, which another guy could have never done. He treated me like a precious flower. He took care of every little thing of my life, and reminded me of how much he loves me and how important I am for him. He made me love him and trust him. He made me a good person. I love him so much now that I don't even regret my past.  I know how much I appreciate what my boyfriend is doing for me. He’s an angel; he is a god's gift for me. He has moved me out of darkness and gave me a beautiful life that I could ever have imagined. True Love makes everything beautiful but it only arrives when god has planned it to enter in your life. 

The End.... 

After reading this story sent to us by Afa Khaleel I will like to give a message to all the boys and girls carrying a broken heart, Please give a chance to life. I request them all to come out from ocean of tears and let the wind blow away the loneliness of their life. Only reason why your past relations did not work out was this that god has not made that person for you and he/she was supposed to leave you one day because even he/she will find his right sole mate. Someone who is maid for you will come in your life… that someone will break someone else heart just for you because you are his/her sole mate.  These breakup will continue until we don’t allow love to happen naturally, I wonder why we force our self to fall in love why don’t we let time decide that who is made for us. ~ Nishant.

"Someday, Someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else "

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