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Love, please come back !

This poem is written by a girl who has fallen in love with a boy, when girls parents came to know about there love they personally met the boy and blackmailed him to move out of there daughter's life! This boy leaves a letter for the girl saying "Its over" and never returns back in her life. That night it was raining, drops of water was falling not only from sky but also from her eyes, her love has also changed his number after someday and broken relation with all the mutual contacts. This girl was complitely broken down and is still sufffering from the pain of Heart break.

Love, please come back !

The day when we have saperated,
was the day when rain has started.
Looking at my pain the sky was crying too,
you will never know how much i miss you.
That romantic ambience that I used to feel in your arms.
I miss our small fight, long talks and all that romance
I don't know the reason why we saperated,
I deserved to speak atleast once before you left.
please come back to me i need you so much,
i miss those days i miss that touch.
please come back !!!!

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Poem Written By:
 Anshita Gori "khushi"

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