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Love-Bluff (A Poem)

Roman fifty before English "O",
Roman five before English "E",
"That's Love", in my childhood,
My sister told me. 

I asked my sister,
"Is Love a simple arithmetic?"
She said, "Of course,
To those who are sincerely realistic".

"To some", my friend told me,
"Love is like a commodity",
"When someone really loves me,
Loving him is my duty". 

Some told me,
"Love is result of dependency,
A baby loves his mother,
Since she feeds him in his infancy."

"When a girl loves a boy,
Not that she is blind,
She calculates his merits,
His culture and his kind.
This is what love is," 
My friend told me one day,
"Uncalculated love may bring sorrow",
Some others say.

Among God’s creations,
Man is the most intelligent,
He can become wise, learned,
Sincere and diligent.
Obviously he takes every step
After due consideration,
He is not supposed to lead his life,
Out of desperation.

He therefore strives to become,
A successful man.
He avoids the paths to failure,
As far as he can.
He toils to reach his goal,
He thinks the best,
He tries in every battle of life,
To be the fittest. 

So when he loves he does so,
Not to lose the game,
He justifies if his needs are fulfilled,
By his loving dame.
To satisfy the girl, he may hide his own self,
Like the neck of a dove,
Adopting tactics and strategies, as in war;
He plays the game of love. 

"A person only loves his own self",
A saint said,
"He has certain ideas, opinions,
And likings already inculcated,
When he finds some one,
With similar sort of liking,
His ego is satisfied,
And he starts him or her, loving". 

And if that day ever comes,
When one finds that his partner,
Does not possess the choices,
Similar to his any longer,
The so called love vanishes, and,
Even if they remain in family terms;
Staying together becomes a routine,
Like actor and actress in their arms.

In the absence of true love,
The relation between them becomes tough,
Such conditional love is not the real love
This is simply love-bluff.

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Written by Dipak Mukhopadhyay