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I Wish You Would Have Said You Are Not The One

It's not good to break a heart filled with love but it's crime to break a broken heart. Its story of a girl who was cheated in love and was living her life with tears and pain and then she met him... him who taught her to live again, who gave her affection and reason to smile. She was not prepared to fall in love again as she was carrying a broken heart but he was ready to join all the broken pieces of her heart if she loves him in return.

She said "yes" to his proposal and started living for him again but soon she realized that he was not special only to her but for many others too, she realized  that love was just a game for him and he knew various tricks to make girls fall for him. His affection, his concern that he has shown to repair her broken heart was one of those multiple tricks to win a heart and play with it. Yes, he made it.. he has won this dirty game again, this girl has also become victim of his love. Only thing that she can do after knowing this ugly truth was to ignore him and pretend to him that she is not in love. Earlier her heart was just broken but now its crushed into infinite pieces !!!

This is her story, Shamini has sent me this poem. I have added few paragraph to it and publishing it for you to read. Read a poem which describes the pain of a girl who has been broken twice because of love.

I wish you would have said you are not the one

I was broken before,
I am broken again.
And "Love" is the reason behind this pain !!

I have Tears in eyes,
and a guilt inside.
this is because i have trusted a wrong man !!

His love and affection made me feel special,
until i knew that there are many whom he treats this way.
I thought it was love but now i know,
that i was just another victim of his "Love Game".

He said "i miss you"
I thought it was real
He said "i love you"
I thought he was true.

But now i know it was all lie
A lie that killed my trust
A lie that killed my love
A lie that broke my heart into pieces

I remember once you said to console my broken heart,
someone is made for me and i will find him oneday.
i wish you would have said you are not the one,
and would have asked me to stay away

If you would have said so,
i would have requested your heart.
not to confuse our friendship with love !!
If you would have said so,
I would have been smiling now,
Instead of crying for this love which was fake !

-- The End --

Poem Written By: Nishant Gunjan
Story and Concept By: Shamini

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