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I Care Because I Love You

Its hard to find someone who loves you from all his heart and all his soul, But there is one such lover Salman who has written a poem for his sweetheart, in this poem he asks her to enjoy everything he does for her in love because even he enjoys doing them. This poem justifies the statement that "Love Is Selfless".

I Care Because I Love You

If I treat you like a Queen,
Don't be Astonished -
this is the least you should be treated as !!

If I Love you more than anything on this earth,
Don't be Surprised -
This is the minimum you should get from me !!

If I value you more than my life,
Don't Wonder -
This is the tiniest form of your worth !!

If I give you all my happiness and take all your sadness,
Don't Appreciate -
This is what your existence demands !!

If I could, I would have loved you even after I have died,
but I know its not possible..
but until I am alive,
until I breath,
until my soul is in my body

The day of my death will be most saddening for me,
than for anybody else,
Because on that day I would know that
I will not be able to love you anymore !!

Poem Written By: Salman
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