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Goodbye My Love

People say that if you have crush on someone, after spending time with him you may fall in love with him. Yes, this happened to me but at the end i was made to crush this love from from my heart as he has fallen for someone else. God knows, why this happens in love ! From the very beginning he knew that he dwells in my heart still he found someone else for him and left me alone.

I wept, screamed, I begged but nothing can bring him back to me. I was left with an option to stop thinking about him, so i deleted him from my Facebook profile... but that also did not help as i failed to delete him from my heart :'(

My happiness dwells in his happiness and just to see him happy in his life, i withdrew myself into a cocoon.. I cut off from him. I blocked him. I never turned back for him. But secretely i always see his picture from my friend's profile, I wish my heart could beat for someone else.. But it never does!! My helpless heart!

He is happy with someone else and everyday when i'm on my knee i just pray to ALLAH that he be happy wherever he is and with whomever he is. But somewhere deep down i still feel you had the same feeling for me which i had for you and i still have for you..


But for your happiness i dedicate this GOODBYE to YOU.....


All this time, i was living a lie

I don't know why
I thought about you and me

Always looked for love in your eyes
Never wanted to cry
But that day you made me..

You said I was running from the truth,
The truth that I love you
My heart said yes to that
But my words were,

Good bye my love
All the dreams that I dreamt,
Goodbye my heart
I just have to say it again and again....

I thought that I'd be the trouble
Between You and Her
Thats the reason why I denied..

Everything would have been the same,
Until You made me cry..
I fell in love with you
Once upon a time..
I had to forget my love
Without it there was
No judgement in my eyes...

I wanted to make all
Perfect just the way it is,
But it turned out wrong
And you said, Dont go please..

My heart agreed to that
But my words were,
Good bye my love
All the dreams that i dreamt
Goodbye my heart
I just have to say it again n again..


Poem written By: SUMAIYA FARIHA