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The Fear Of Losing You

Losing Your Love Is Second Most Painful Thing Anyone's Love Life The First One is Losing Partner's Trust. Doubts And Misunderstandings are like rodents in a relationship.. it slowly destroys it and makes a person loose faith on "LOVE". This poem written by poet Priyanka describes her pain and that feeling of helplessness that she carries along as she can watch the increasing distance between her and him but still she cannot do anything other then loving him more ...<3

The Fear Of Losing You

You Say You Have Lost All The TRUST :(
I dont know why you thought it was just LUST

The purity of my LOVE knows no bounds...
You showed me heaven took me on the clouds.. ^_^

But faith is something you never had in me
You stole my HEART and now its beats... 

I extend the hand which now bleeds
I want to touch you but my skin lost its feel :'(

I call you back but you dont hear
For now i face my greatest fear :(

Losing you left my life dark..
Now all i see is a divine spark..

My love is still the same but the LIFE IS GONE..
A sense of emptyness highly grips on.. :((

Leaving the world with your love in my heart :(
And a little hope that in all other lives we never part... :)

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