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Don't you ever give up on me!!

I yell, shout; blame all bad on you
You stay calm and say 'darling,those words.. aren't really you'

I mess up things, and spoil the present
you stay calm and say 'baby chill, its just a bad day, things happens'

I cry, get upset for reason no good
You stay calm and say 'honey tears spoil your face, get your smile back soon'

At times i give up on us and walk away
But you be there still holding on, no matter what i say.

So even when things go wrong as horribly as they could
I do know in my heart, we can still make it through.

You have tolerated me with my moods and temper
You have taken me in your arms when i pushed you away

You have been there listening patiently to every word i say
You have been there when i had expected you to leave and never stay

Don't you ever give up on me, don't you ever loose faith
No matter how dumb i could be to leave, hang in there and wait..

Honey you are the best thing that could happen to me
Beause you taught me to love, no matter what will be the consequence

Honey, i don't know how to thank you cause words aren't just enough
I can't explain how much stability to my crazy life you have brought..

Just know that i will always, always love you with all my heart
Just believe in me, like you always have from the start!!

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Poem Written By Sneha Rahatekar
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