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Can't Hold Myself When You Cry

Today please ask yourself and reply "Will i cry if i know that she is in pain ?" Here "she" refers to the girl you love. few of your's heart will answer you "no i will not" and few of you will say "Yes i will", few of you will answer it true and few of you will lie. Let me tell you friends, its not easy to give a correct answer to this question until you fall in this situation, when someone's love is deep and true... you will cry for the person you love or the one who loves you !!

This poem is sent to us by Michael, he has written it after feeling the same pain which his love was going through after losing her father. He was not there to console her, he was not there to wipe tears from her eyes but still all the time he was thinking about her and was able to feel the pain behind those tears which was on her eyes.

Can't hold myself when you cry

My love, my honey i can't see your eye wet in tears.
Nor can hear you voice of cry.
I get distressed and discomfortable.
How badly i wish i would be there present to wipe your tears.

I can't comfort you as i am far,
Can't hold your hand either.
Wish there happens a miracle to be beside you .
Can't run or stand just praying for peace in you.

I can't hold myself back seeing you cry.
What can i do i am so helpless.
Feeling my legs are broken being good.
Feels like being dead while i am alive.

Hope this pain in you end's soon.
Hope to see u in smile which Looks good on you.
Thats the day when i will  feel alive and happy again.
Till than i will be on my knees and raising my prayer for you.

Poem Written By: Michael
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