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Take Me In Your Arms !!

 Undo my every emotion, take me in your arms,
let me believe in peace, take in your arms.
let the tears be wiped of the shirt you wear,
i have waited enough, just take me in your arms .....

hold me close and kiss me on my forehead,
break the silence,kiss me on my forehead.
let me know you too were tired of the wait,
i need to feel the love, just kiss me on my forehead ....

long were the nights when you were gone,
hard was the walk when you were gone.
autumn love seemed so much grey,
needless the world seemed, when you were gone ....

now that you are here, please don't leave,
love needs careless moments, please don't leave.
i have lost the patience, i might wither away,
hold my hand i need you to stay ....


Poem Written By: Sneha Rahatekar

I Wish You Would Have Said You Are Not The One

It's not good to break a heart filled with love but it's crime to break a broken heart. Its story of a girl who was cheated in love and was living her life with tears and pain and then she met him... him who taught her to live again, who gave her affection and reason to smile. She was not prepared to fall in love again as she was carrying a broken heart but he was ready to join all the broken pieces of her heart if she loves him in return.

She said "yes" to his proposal and started living for him again but soon she realized that he was not special only to her but for many others too, she realized  that love was just a game for him and he knew various tricks to make girls fall for him. His affection, his concern that he has shown to repair her broken heart was one of those multiple tricks to win a heart and play with it. Yes, he made it.. he has won this dirty game again, this girl has also become victim of his love. Only thing that she can do after knowing this ugly truth was to ignore him and pretend to him that she is not in love. Earlier her heart was just broken but now its crushed into infinite pieces !!!

This is her story, Shamini has sent me this poem. I have added few paragraph to it and publishing it for you to read. Read a poem which describes the pain of a girl who has been broken twice because of love.

I wish you would have said you are not the one

I was broken before,
I am broken again.
And "Love" is the reason behind this pain !!

I have Tears in eyes,
and a guilt inside.
this is because i have trusted a wrong man !!

His love and affection made me feel special,
until i knew that there are many whom he treats this way.
I thought it was love but now i know,
that i was just another victim of his "Love Game".

He said "i miss you"
I thought it was real
He said "i love you"
I thought he was true.

But now i know it was all lie
A lie that killed my trust
A lie that killed my love
A lie that broke my heart into pieces

I remember once you said to console my broken heart,
someone is made for me and i will find him oneday.
i wish you would have said you are not the one,
and would have asked me to stay away

If you would have said so,
i would have requested your heart.
not to confuse our friendship with love !!
If you would have said so,
I would have been smiling now,
Instead of crying for this love which was fake !

-- The End --

Poem Written By: Nishant Gunjan
Story and Concept By: Shamini

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Goodbye My Love

People say that if you have crush on someone, after spending time with him you may fall in love with him. Yes, this happened to me but at the end i was made to crush this love from from my heart as he has fallen for someone else. God knows, why this happens in love ! From the very beginning he knew that he dwells in my heart still he found someone else for him and left me alone.

I wept, screamed, I begged but nothing can bring him back to me. I was left with an option to stop thinking about him, so i deleted him from my Facebook profile... but that also did not help as i failed to delete him from my heart :'(

My happiness dwells in his happiness and just to see him happy in his life, i withdrew myself into a cocoon.. I cut off from him. I blocked him. I never turned back for him. But secretely i always see his picture from my friend's profile, I wish my heart could beat for someone else.. But it never does!! My helpless heart!

He is happy with someone else and everyday when i'm on my knee i just pray to ALLAH that he be happy wherever he is and with whomever he is. But somewhere deep down i still feel you had the same feeling for me which i had for you and i still have for you..


But for your happiness i dedicate this GOODBYE to YOU.....


All this time, i was living a lie

I don't know why
I thought about you and me

Always looked for love in your eyes
Never wanted to cry
But that day you made me..

You said I was running from the truth,
The truth that I love you
My heart said yes to that
But my words were,

Good bye my love
All the dreams that I dreamt,
Goodbye my heart
I just have to say it again and again....

I thought that I'd be the trouble
Between You and Her
Thats the reason why I denied..

Everything would have been the same,
Until You made me cry..
I fell in love with you
Once upon a time..
I had to forget my love
Without it there was
No judgement in my eyes...

I wanted to make all
Perfect just the way it is,
But it turned out wrong
And you said, Dont go please..

My heart agreed to that
But my words were,
Good bye my love
All the dreams that i dreamt
Goodbye my heart
I just have to say it again n again..


Poem written By: SUMAIYA FARIHA

I Care Because I Love You

Its hard to find someone who loves you from all his heart and all his soul, But there is one such lover Salman who has written a poem for his sweetheart, in this poem he asks her to enjoy everything he does for her in love because even he enjoys doing them. This poem justifies the statement that "Love Is Selfless".

I Care Because I Love You

If I treat you like a Queen,
Don't be Astonished -
this is the least you should be treated as !!

If I Love you more than anything on this earth,
Don't be Surprised -
This is the minimum you should get from me !!

If I value you more than my life,
Don't Wonder -
This is the tiniest form of your worth !!

If I give you all my happiness and take all your sadness,
Don't Appreciate -
This is what your existence demands !!

If I could, I would have loved you even after I have died,
but I know its not possible..
but until I am alive,
until I breath,
until my soul is in my body

The day of my death will be most saddening for me,
than for anybody else,
Because on that day I would know that
I will not be able to love you anymore !!

Poem Written By: Salman
Email Address:

Still Waiting For You

When we love someone, that someone slowly becomes a part of our life. A part which when removed, life starts appearing incomplete and  meaning less. Read this poem sent to us by Pearl Girl ( where she says all the reason that is making her wait for him.

Still Waiting For You

I still wait for you to hold my hand,
and make me realize


I still wait for you to stand close to me,
when i am surrounded by strangers


I still wait to listen your encouraging words,
wen i am not confident


I still wait for the moment,
wen your care will give me strength


I still wait for the time,
wen i can share my feelings with you


"Teri Nazar" Celebrating Love @ First Sight ;)

Hi Friends Listen And Watch This Video !

About Video:
A guy expresses himself after falling in love with a girl at first sight.
(The song is in Hindi language)
Lyrics / Vocals: Sonu aka Parmeshwar Das
Music: Monu aka Manasseh Nand


Can't Hold Myself When You Cry

Today please ask yourself and reply "Will i cry if i know that she is in pain ?" Here "she" refers to the girl you love. few of your's heart will answer you "no i will not" and few of you will say "Yes i will", few of you will answer it true and few of you will lie. Let me tell you friends, its not easy to give a correct answer to this question until you fall in this situation, when someone's love is deep and true... you will cry for the person you love or the one who loves you !!

This poem is sent to us by Michael, he has written it after feeling the same pain which his love was going through after losing her father. He was not there to console her, he was not there to wipe tears from her eyes but still all the time he was thinking about her and was able to feel the pain behind those tears which was on her eyes.

Can't hold myself when you cry

My love, my honey i can't see your eye wet in tears.
Nor can hear you voice of cry.
I get distressed and discomfortable.
How badly i wish i would be there present to wipe your tears.

I can't comfort you as i am far,
Can't hold your hand either.
Wish there happens a miracle to be beside you .
Can't run or stand just praying for peace in you.

I can't hold myself back seeing you cry.
What can i do i am so helpless.
Feeling my legs are broken being good.
Feels like being dead while i am alive.

Hope this pain in you end's soon.
Hope to see u in smile which Looks good on you.
Thats the day when i will  feel alive and happy again.
Till than i will be on my knees and raising my prayer for you.

Poem Written By: Michael
Email Address:

Inside Me (A Poem)

There's something inside me,
Pulling me away,
From this cruel boundaries,
Though my dreams want me to stay !!

But i've to fall there someday anyway!

It feels like sometimes,
I am leaving for a better place,
Deserted in this world,
With pain and disgrace,
Like a soldier in a battle field get slay !!

But i've to fall there someday anyway!

Life is full of experiences,
I got good and bad each day,
The good making me smile and pray,
And the bad making me suffer and err wit grey !!

Lighting a candle of hope,
I walked through the dark,
In search of a haven,
Where I can be myself and stand up again !!

I feel my heart telling, 
There's many things to be done yet,
Suddenly! It's all vain,
When my mind screams out loud,
and makes me numb,
Saying it's too late !!

I can only spell...Yeah it's all fate!

There's something inside me,
Pulling me away,
From this cruel boundaries,
Though my dreams want me to stay !!

But i've to fall there someday anyway!!


And Now i dn't have anything to say 
Just Wish I Could Stay LIVING ONE MORE DAY...!!! 

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Written By: Osaki Madro

All I Wanted Was "You"

If you ever loved someone and lost your love, this poem is going to bring tears from your eyes if your love was true. its strange, why god make this happen.. why he makes us fall so deeply for someone whom he has not made for us !! Fine, His work was to make us fall in love and them take him/her away.. but i will continue loving him/her night and day.. i will continue to wait !!

All I Wanted Was "You"

Far away you drifted from me,
A place where I can not see.
Even after being so close,
There you are as pricky as a thorn of a rose.

I let people believe that I don't love you,
And like others you believed it too.
Even after knowing that you are not the one,
Why no one else can do what you have done.

You say i will overcome everything we had,
But its not working and its growing more bad.
It isn't easy as you got me thinking,
With tears my eyes are still blinking.

I hope I overcome you as soon as I can,
Coz I wanna run from my feelings as fast as you ran.
Thinking about the times we shared,
The pains in my heart can all be bared.

If ever you fell like you need me like I do,
Do come back coz I will be always waiting for you.
Poem Written By: kirti kejriwal
Email Address:

FACEBOOK USERS Helped In Finding A Missing Girl

Preet Kaur (Palki) A 4 years Old girl went missing on 9th January from Amritsar, Punjab, India. This happened when her family was helping a relative to board a train  on Amritsar station, after the train left family realized that Palki is missing. They have called and confirmed with the relatives on the train that she was also not with them too. Palki's Parents have contacted railway police and started making all possible attempts to search there 4 years old little daughter who was wearing green bangles on her right hand when she was lost.

Now 19 months old Arnav, who is suffering from Thalassemia; a rare disease that is genetic disorders which involves underproduction of hemoglobin the body needs your help please visit and donate-->

One of there relative Neelam Singh who is Facebook user got inspired by A article published long back on our website Aurelia Matias, 73, and Luis Matias, 78, reunited after Facebook campaign , this article was a story of a old lady finding her husband by the help of Facebook sharing by Facebook users. After reading this article Neelam has uploaded recent picture of Palki and placed her Advocate's contact number for reference,  soon the picture was shared by multiple Facebook users and it started spreading and became viral. Family started receiving calls from resourceful people including newspaper editors and private numbers for providing free help. 1st correct information was provided by an engineering student Parag Sinha who called in after reading the Facebook article, he informed that he has seen the girl on a train ASR DR EXPRESS going to Ahmadgarh, Parag was able to describe the girl correctly and thus family was sure that his information was correct. All the RPF people on duty on 9th January night on ASR DR EXPRESS was contacted, based on the information found by them Kartarpur, Jalandhar City and few other police stations were informed.

Family has also received a phone call from a local number from Mumbai asking for extortion money for getting back the child safe, and unlikely other criminals they asked to transfer the money to there Paypal account, but soon with the help of Family Advocate and his resources it was confirmed to be Prank call. There were few similar prank calls from facebook members which has increased the problems of Kaur Family.

Now 19 months old Arnav, who is suffering from Thalassemia; a rare disease that is genetic disorders which involves underproduction of hemoglobin the body needs your help please visit and donate-->

Finally on 12th Evening a TC named Babul Singh Called from Jandiala, Punjab and informed that there Daughter Palki is safe and his wife is looking after her. Babul Singh informed that one of his TC friend has found the girl on the train, she was crying and fellow passengers addressed her to be a lost child, so he has handed over the child to Babul Singh's Wife on Jandiala Station so that she can take the necessary steps. Kaur family is happy to get there child back and they are Thankful to Mrs Singh who took care of the Child, Mrs Singh is 6 Months Pregnant and She is Expecting a Child, she say's "Palki is so sweet, i will like to have a daughter like her :))" She added "i was surprised to see palki's picture on my Facebook wall when i logged into Facebook on 12th January, Immediately i called the Number and informed about Palki.. Thanks to Facebook and people sharing such posts"

Family has also thanked Big page owners of Facebook and all those 18,000 Facebook users for sharing the post and making a mother meet her Missing Daughter, After reading those 1 thousand 2 Hundred prayers posted as comment below Palki's Picture on Facebook any one can say it was those prayers that has brought Palki safely back to her family.

It's another success story of Facebook in India and a answer to them who are against social networking site in the country. This is not the only story where  missing child has been found by sharing post on the social networking site by members, in the past also a lost child from Mumbai was found using Facebook sharing.

Lets Share This Story On Facebook And Let Everyone Know This Achievement Of Facebook And Facebook Users. Let This Story Reach Them Too Who Are Against Social Networking Sites In India.

Now 19 months old Arnav, who is suffering from Thalassemia; a rare disease that is genetic disorders which involves underproduction of hemoglobin the body needs your help please visit and donate-->

What Is Love ?

When someone talks about word "LOVE", one of the two picture comes in front of our eyes. if we have bad experience with love with think of tears and blood and if we have a beautiful picture of it we think of a couple and a heart !

This feeling "Love" holds different meaning in everyone's life based on what experience they had after falling in or after watching people fall in it ! Poet of this poem believes that love cannot be defined so he has tried to present it in front of us with beautiful examples, which you will love to read !!

What Is LOVE ?

What is Love?
Love is indeed a feeling,
Expressed with eyes,
And not merely with the lips!

What is Love?
Love is the affection,
which grows gradually,
Starts at the first sight,
And lasts till we survive!

What is Love?
Love is caring for someone,
A Wife cares about her husband,
Remains awake until he comes,
goes to bed only after he finishes his food !

What is Love?
Love is when a girl,
talks to her beloved,
Non-Stop for hours,
without getting bored!

What is Love?
Love is when an old woman,
Pardons her spoilt son,
Even after he hurts her,
throws her out of his home!

What is Love?
Love is when a lover,
Sheds his tears,
for that person for whom,
he left his near and dear ones!

Love Is The madness that i did,
I loved her from depth of my heart.
She found someone and left me alone,
This painful injury is called "LOVE"

The End

This poem is written by Prathamesh Desh who is only 14 years old. he has sent this poem to us because he wanted it to be published for you to read. If you liked his talent and the poet inside him please encourage him by sharing this poem (find the link below)

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Love, please come back !

This poem is written by a girl who has fallen in love with a boy, when girls parents came to know about there love they personally met the boy and blackmailed him to move out of there daughter's life! This boy leaves a letter for the girl saying "Its over" and never returns back in her life. That night it was raining, drops of water was falling not only from sky but also from her eyes, her love has also changed his number after someday and broken relation with all the mutual contacts. This girl was complitely broken down and is still sufffering from the pain of Heart break.

Love, please come back !

The day when we have saperated,
was the day when rain has started.
Looking at my pain the sky was crying too,
you will never know how much i miss you.
That romantic ambience that I used to feel in your arms.
I miss our small fight, long talks and all that romance
I don't know the reason why we saperated,
I deserved to speak atleast once before you left.
please come back to me i need you so much,
i miss those days i miss that touch.
please come back !!!!

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Poem Written By:
 Anshita Gori "khushi"

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Love Was Ugly Until I Met You

This is story of Afa Khaleel who is from Srilanka and her journey through different hearts until she met her true love. She was not like other girls who give up easily in life, after reading her story you will know that Love is served to us again and again until we find our true love.  Sometime we move on sometimes we cry, sometime we shed tears sometime we smile but all these incident becomes experience and is called “PAST” when we meet our true Love.- Nishant Gunjan.

Love Was Ugly Until I Met You 

I was in a four years long relationship with my first boyfriend but we broke up as we used to have lot of fights on small issue and we both realized that we cannot spend our life together. I was not hurt at all as I was sure by then that he was not my Love. There was one another reason why I was easily able to recover from this break up.. My heart was falling for one another guy and even I was not aware of it!!

Me and this other boy worked in the same hotel, same department. He was a fun loving guy, good human being and very friendly. I was attracted towards him because of his sense of humor. Day by day our friendship grew fonder. He showed that he also liked me by hints and I continued to fall for him. We laughed for no reason and our eyes used to talk when we were in public. There was no name for our relation and so I was confused weather it was love or not. Only thing I knew was that he makes me smile just by showing up every day. 

Soon he realized that I have completely fallen in love with him and this love will make me surrender and he can make me do anything for him. He took full advantage of this chance. I gave him my whole mind, body and soul, my dignity. I never thought everything would suddenly change after that one night. The very next day morning he came to office while I was there, and he just passed by me without even looking at me. At that point i knew that everything has changed. He started ignoring me. I tried not to bother him but couldn't stop myself from finding a chance to talk with him. His ignorance was killing me inside. All my loving friends felt sad for me. They knew I was totally in love with him, they also knew that he won't even give a damn about me.

Things went worst when one night he called me, I felt like my heart went alive again but who knew he called me to break my heart into pieces. The boy I was crazy about was now asking me about my best friend. He said that he liked her unconditionally and after listening to this my heart broke into pieces. Tears ran down my cheek in the middle of the night on duty, I didn't say a word and hung up the phone. How can someone be so cruel, knowing that I love him he was asking me about my best friend.

Days passed by and I continued to suffer with pain, I used to watch him flirting with other girls including my best friends in the hotel. I continued to break but I did not show my broken heart to anyone,  I tried doing everything possible to forget him. I started dating boys who were after me so that I can forget him but sad still this heart continued to take his name. I tried smoking also, neither that helped. When I thought nothing can be worst than this pain I caught him red handed with my best friend in my own room on my bed. I don't think any girl would get this much hurt. I had no idea what to do I decided to take a break from work  for one month. 

After one month when I returned back to the hotel, everything was normal. I still did not forget him, but my decision of not thinking about him after all those things helped me as slowly I was becoming normal. I started enjoying my life with friends as I used to enjoy earlier. One night there was a party in the hotel, I thought of checking it out, so I went there with my close friend. I thought of going and having a chat with a boy who was after me from long time, today he was talking with 2 white ladies. luckily I didn't have to start the conversation, as soon as he saw me, he came and started talking to me, it appeared as if he was looking for this opportunity from long time. He was from a different nationality and he was the DJ of the hotel. Being a DJ he was famous among girls and many of them liked him.

That night we talked a lot, all of a sudden he asked me for a kiss. I was shocked. He held my hands so tightly that I couldn't even escape. In such a panic, I gave him a kiss so that he leaves my hand, I ran away from there immediately. After that night he wanted to spend more time with me, he was totally in love with me but I was never serious with him. He tried to convince me to trust him but I never did. I was not serious about love at all after all the pain I have gained. Still he didn't give up; he continued to do things to make me feel special and used to give me lot of gifts.
One night he took me to a nice hotel for a dinner which was a surprise.  He has planned private romantic dinner in a Big garden. He booked the full garden for us that night. Everything was so perfect that night I came to know that he left his ex-girlfriend just for me. He went against his family and friends just for me. Still I had no idea what to do then I thought maybe this is what god has planned for me. The person I loved never loved me so I thought of giving a chance to him. I left everything to destiny and I decided to say yes and be his official girlfriend after that night, keeping my fingers crossed.

And here I am now. Today I am probably one of the most happiest girl in this world. He made me forget about my past totally, which another guy could have never done. He treated me like a precious flower. He took care of every little thing of my life, and reminded me of how much he loves me and how important I am for him. He made me love him and trust him. He made me a good person. I love him so much now that I don't even regret my past.  I know how much I appreciate what my boyfriend is doing for me. He’s an angel; he is a god's gift for me. He has moved me out of darkness and gave me a beautiful life that I could ever have imagined. True Love makes everything beautiful but it only arrives when god has planned it to enter in your life. 

The End.... 

After reading this story sent to us by Afa Khaleel I will like to give a message to all the boys and girls carrying a broken heart, Please give a chance to life. I request them all to come out from ocean of tears and let the wind blow away the loneliness of their life. Only reason why your past relations did not work out was this that god has not made that person for you and he/she was supposed to leave you one day because even he/she will find his right sole mate. Someone who is maid for you will come in your life… that someone will break someone else heart just for you because you are his/her sole mate.  These breakup will continue until we don’t allow love to happen naturally, I wonder why we force our self to fall in love why don’t we let time decide that who is made for us. ~ Nishant.

"Someday, Someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else "

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Don't you ever give up on me!!

I yell, shout; blame all bad on you
You stay calm and say 'darling,those words.. aren't really you'

I mess up things, and spoil the present
you stay calm and say 'baby chill, its just a bad day, things happens'

I cry, get upset for reason no good
You stay calm and say 'honey tears spoil your face, get your smile back soon'

At times i give up on us and walk away
But you be there still holding on, no matter what i say.

So even when things go wrong as horribly as they could
I do know in my heart, we can still make it through.

You have tolerated me with my moods and temper
You have taken me in your arms when i pushed you away

You have been there listening patiently to every word i say
You have been there when i had expected you to leave and never stay

Don't you ever give up on me, don't you ever loose faith
No matter how dumb i could be to leave, hang in there and wait..

Honey you are the best thing that could happen to me
Beause you taught me to love, no matter what will be the consequence

Honey, i don't know how to thank you cause words aren't just enough
I can't explain how much stability to my crazy life you have brought..

Just know that i will always, always love you with all my heart
Just believe in me, like you always have from the start!!

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Poem Written By Sneha Rahatekar
Email address: