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Friend, You Are In Love With Her ♥

Friend, You Are In Love With Her

It's Not good to delay in love because everyone is searching for it, most of the time we delay in expressing our feeling because we fail to understand when it actually happens.. Remember, There are many who are still questioning themselves "what was my fault if he found her before me ?".

Friends this poem will help you understand when you are actually in love, Poet Dipak Mukhopadhyay has very nicely narrated each and every thing that actually happens to a person when he is in love  

If after seeing her;

You smell the fragrance,
Of the absent flower;
You feel the pleasant excitement,
Causing a little shiver;
You like to forget to blink,
And only continue seeing her;
You think that everything in the world,
You can conquer.

If while talking with her;

You feel that days are too short,
And clocks tick too early;
You take her pretending anguish,
Most seriously;
You enjoy the vibrations of her lips,
And glimpses of her teeth;
You imagine that you two are up in the sky,
And the whole world beneath.

If after bidding farewell to her;

You want to think about the dresses,
She had so beautifully put on;
You repent for not observing her minutely,
During her association;
You feel that your words to her,
Could be put in much a better way;
You decide to make her happier,
During the meeting next day.

If while missing her;

You do not like to talk to anybody,
But only to think about her;
You avoid the familiar faces,
And sit in a quiet corner;
You imagine that she is next to you,
And talk to her in murmur;
You feel that clocks tick too slowly,
And days are too longer.

If while going to meet her;

You comb your hair,
More than what you do usually;
You forget to look at the girls,
Moving around you so closely;
You doubt that people are looking at you,
With questions in their eyes;
You apprehend that your affair is known,
To all men and all the guys.

Then my friend, you are in love with her. 

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Poem Written By : Dipak Mukhopadhyay