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Why No Punishment To The One Who Has Broken Your Heart

Everyone of us is carrying a Broken Heart, Most of us has been cheated in Love. Strange is the Rule of this Love Game the one who cheats is the winner and the one who is loyal suffers all Life. For whom love was just a word moves out with smile and the one who was dedicated is left crying ! 

"He proposed me i said him yes, we exchanged numbers and then next few weeks we spent great time. Now he has found someone else and has forwarded my number to his friends.He has not only moved out but he has also ruined my life" this was written in a email that i received last week, she was expecting me to do something for her.. I replied her with some tips"Ignore the person who cheated you, you will only be happy if you move on.. every girl has a secret admirer, its time for you to search him and start living a new life."

 I am not sure if she will be able to do this, because even i tried it once in my life,"moving on" surely works during day but "i have been cheated" this feeling haunts in lonely night. Friends Love is the only cure for love but the problem is this that the one who injured can only be the doctor. This medicine of broken heart is available with everyone but this injury will not heal until you get this love drug from the one who stays deep in your heart.

Sometime after listening to these stories of broken relationship and cheating, i feel like raising voice to declare "breaking heart" as crime but then when i try to analyse that who is wrong and who is responsible i find they are no one else but we.yes we are the one who is responsible for our pain.. boys, don't we flirt with a girl who is already committed, if she agrees to leave his love for you will you not run away with her. Girls, don't you start giving positive signals to guy who is your friends boyfriend but interact with you most of the time. when we don't care for someone's heart why tomorrow someone will think about you !! 

I have concluded that nothing can be done as its human nature, your love is only secure if "Trust" is not the only factor controlling it there must be "insecurity" and "doubts". I know i am saying something that was never told but what has been told so far has helped no one. If someone has already left you before you read this article then for you i have a different suggestion.. i know you are still trying to get him/her back who has already moved on but have you ever thought if he/she comes back he/she will still break another heart ?? Please understand "Pain" and "Loneliness" is the last part of love, after eating fruit if only seeds are left, please don't cry holding them in hand. Plant them and begin a new life make them grow and they will become base of new relationship.

Written By Nishant Gunjan

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