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Story Of An Idiot Who Has Fallen In Love

A Sweet Story Of a Girl And A Boy....

Girl's Version
First Day :I saw an idiot sleeping on the front bench..
Second Day:Saw the same idiot getting punished
Third Day:He was fighting with a boy..uhh..idiot
Fourth Day :I couldn't find him...Where is he...

Boy's Version
First day :When i opened my eyes...I saw her...her smile..WoW
Second day :I got punished so that i could see her all the while..
Third Day :A boy said something bad about her and i failed to control my anger..
Fourth Day :I was sitting on the last bench..
'n she turned to find me...
Yes, she Saw me and We smiled..:)

For this girl this boy is just an Idiot but who will tell her that this Idiot Love's her and thinks that even she is also falling in love with him. After reading this story you will know two things about love, 1st part of the story tells us that when we don't expect love from someone we fail to see it even if its in front of us and the second part of the story says when we love someone we get lot of illusion which encourages us to continue loving the person who actually don't love us :'( !! 

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